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Joe Rogan Pushed to Fight Back for His Spot as Unlikely Challenger Demolishes His Unique Record in Latest Stephen Thompson Video

Published 10/19/2022, 5:00 PM EDT

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The 55 years old UFC commentator and famous podcaster, Joe Rogan, trained in Kickboxing and Taekwondo. Although not a professional fighter himself, he knows the techniques inside out. In an episode of Rogan’s podcast, ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’, his record on PowerKube was talked about. PowerKube is a machine that measures the human force or, to put it in simple words, it measures impact power.

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Rogan’s kicks are known to have a gunshot noise. The PowerKube recorded his roundhouse kick to have a potent force of 152 thousand franklins. Recently, a group of martial artists attempted to break the beloved commentator’s power-kicking record.


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An attempt to break the power kick record of Joe Rogan

A team of martial artists attempted to take on the challenge of kicking harder than Joe Rogan on YouTube. The group included Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson, Seth Adams, Kevin Lee and his stuntman Zen, and Blake and Trent Spence. They all took eight chances with the PowerKube. 

Trent Spence, a point fighter and kickboxer, went first. He had a score of 41,389 franklins. Then came the turn of multi-martial arts specialist Kevin Lee. The master had a human force of 61,760 franklins. Next came Blake ‘Twilight’ Spence, who got a score of 75,398 franklins. Even Kevin Lee’s stuntman, Zen, got a high score of 67,912 franklins. 


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UFC fighter Stephen Thompson took home 93,970 franklins. The trend went higher with Seth Adams, commonly known as Sensei Seth. The Sensei smashed the PowerKube with a human force of 136,801 franklins. In the end, they utterly destroyed the record when Tony ‘Sweet T’ Thompson went ahead with the PowerKube. He got an unbelievable score of 172,923 franklins. 

Sweet T previously attempted to break Joe Rogan’s record

In another video by Sensei Seth, Rogan’s kick was recorded at 135,000 franklins. Sweet T and Wonderboy attempted to break the record, but couldn’t even touch the limit. Back then, Sweet T got a force of 120,330 franklins. 


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Nonetheless, he got Rogan next time with a force of more than 175 thousand franklins. 

Joe Rogan is indeed a power to be reckoned with. Although he’s just above 5 ft, and 55 years old, his kicking powers are definitely sky-high. He will remain a jewel in the fighting universe. 


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