Joe Rogan has spoken yet again over a controversial issue surrounding the internet. The famous podcaster never fails to share his take on some sensitive issues that surround the internet. This time he released JRE #1969 w/ Sam Tallent as the duo spoke about numerous topics. The UFC commentator has often spoken about a variety of issues on his famous Spotify podcast. This time he has shown his interest in the controversial viral footage of the Dalai Lama.

Rogan discussed the sensitive issue with Tallent on his podcast. The duo also gave their opinion on the viral footage of Dalai Lama.

Joe Rogan and Sam Tallent discuss viral footage of Dalai Lama


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The UFC commentator started discussing the sensitive topic with the stand-up comic. Rogan started by describing what he thought. He said, “Your dad’s friend who doesn’t get laid anymore. Doesn’t have a video of him sucking on a kid’s tongue. Like what the f*ck man!”.

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Tallent added his take, “Its probably a VHS tape… Dalai Lama also said at one point, ‘We gotta keep Europe for Europeans’. He’s like too many refugees are coming in… Hey Dalai Lama, just let the kids sit on your lap. That’s enough.”

The podcast host continued, “Yeah. Hey, dude. How about don’t do that?”. The stand-up comic added further, “Quit smooching the kids in general”.

Joe Rogan shares his take on the ‘traditional greeting’ in Tibet

Rogan and his team found a source about the “traditional greeting” in Tibet. The UFC commentator then shared his controversial opinion of Dalai Lama’s video.

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The podcaster said, “Yeah don’t tell the kid to suck your tongue. There seems that there should be some jail time for something like that…” Furthermore, while reading what his team provided, Rogan added, “In Tibet taking out one’s tongue is known as a traditional greeting stemming from a 9th-century myth about an unpopular king with a black tongue… Tongue sucking does not have to be a part of the tradition.”


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Lastly, Rogan added that Dalai Lama “crossed the line” and went away scot free”  Tallent concluded by saying, “The PR team is working hard to spin on that one”.

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Both the guest and the host had some controversial opinions on the topic. What do you think about Rogan’s take on the viral footage? Let us know in the comments.

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