Joe Rogan is one of the most influential people in the combat sports world. The 54-year-old is the voice of one of the biggest mixed martial arts promotions on the globe UFC. He is a veteran commentator and has been with UFC for a long time.

Apart from being a commentator, Rogan is one of the most heard voices in the world. He has his own podcast channel on Spotify, where he talks about science, politics, and more with renowned personalities like Elon Musk, Mike Tyson, and Bill Burr.


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A lot is known about Rogan’s professional life. However, the 54-year-old is very private about his personal life. Hence, not much about his private life is known to the public. However, according to many sources, Rogan is married to Jessica Ditzel.

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The couple got engaged in 2008 and later got married in 2009. They have three children together: 11-year-old Rosy, Lola, aged 13, and Kayja Rose, 24. However, the latter is not a biological child of Rogan.

Jessica Ditzel: Professional life

According to Sidomex Entertainment, Ditzel was born and raised in Texas, U.S.A. She did her schooling at Doherty High School and has a bachelor’s degree from California State University.

Earlier, Ditzel has worked as a waitress in various cocktail bars in the U.S.A. She has also worked as an account executive at Robert Half Technology firm, California, a management assistant for “Rent A Car” Company, and a product analyst at Volvo Motorsports.

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However, after her relationship with Rogan went public, Ditzel made headlines and became a popular name. Later, she also worked as a model for M Model Management and a Korean brand known as Wholesome.

Following her modeling career, and after working closely with LA Fashion Week and Arman Noor FIVE, Ditzel launched a few of her own projects. This gave a massive boost to her wealth, and according to reports, Rogan’s wife has an estimated net worth of over $2 million.

Is Jessica Ditzel richer than most UFC fighters?

Yes, the famous UFC commentator and podcast host’s wife is wealthier than most of the fighters in UFC. Many fighters, even after spending a long time in the promotion, don’t cross the million mark.

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However, there are some once in a million stars who have crossed even the $100 million mark in net worth. It is none other than the pay-per-view star of UFC Conor McGregor.

Furthermore, notable names including the undefeated fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov and the middleweight champion Israel Adesanya have made a fortune from the sports. They also have a net worth of millions.


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Although Ditzel is richer than most UFC fighters, there are a few fighters who have by far surpassed her in terms of net worth.

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