Jon Jones Could Suffer a Fate Like Never Before at UFC 295 as Stipe Miocic Lays Out Demolition Plans Against the Champ – “Gonna Go Out There And…”

Published 09/23/2023, 8:01 AM EDT

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Stipe Miocic and Jon Jones are gearing up for what may arguably be the greatest UFC heavyweight title fight in history. In the lead-up to their much-awaited clash, sparks are flying left and right. Now, Miocic has decided to add fuel to the fire, just more than a month away from his brawl with ‘Bones.’

How? Well, the former two-time UFC Heavyweight champion has recently made an interesting claim. Miocic was recently featured in an interview where he gave his take on how he sees the UFC 295 clash paying out. What’s more, when the interviewer asked him how he envisioned himself winning, the Ohio native made a rather bold prophecy. So, what’s he saying?

Stipe Miocic lays out his bold plans for UFC 295 war with Jon Jones


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Stipe Miocic recently sat down for an intriguing discussion with TMZSports. Amusingly enough, even with just a couple of weeks left for his fight, he is still continuing his work as a firefighter. As the interview kicks off, the host lauds the former champ for his passion and commitment to his work. He then goes on to present Miocic with a pressing question, “Is there a specific way you want to see your hand raised?”


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Replying, the former two-time champion didn’t mince his words at all! “I mean – of course, [we] always go for a knockout. There’s no question [about it],” he declared. It’s clear that Miocic is aiming to finish the fight in spectacular fashion, and a knockout win would certainly make a statement.

“Beat That A**”: Stipe Miocic Predicts a Grim Night for Jon Jones Ahead of Their Fight at UFC 295

But the 41-year-old also emphasized his readiness to adapt and do whatever it takes to secure the win. “I’m gonna do what I gotta do. I’m gonna go out there and get that w[win] – get my hand raised…” he confidently stated. This mindset highlights his determination to emerge victorious by any means necessary.

It’s worth noting here that out of his 29 fights in the UFC, ’Bones’ has never been knocked out. He did lose one bout against Matt Hamill, way back in 2009 – but that was due to a disqualification for illegal 12 to 6 elbows. So, will Miocic be the first one to knock out the heavyweight GOAT? Only time will tell.

Miocic reflects on Jon Jones’ Heavyweight debut against Ciryl Gane

When asked about Jones’ debut in the heavyweight division against Cyril Gane, Miocic admitted that he hadn’t seen much of the fight due to its quick conclusion. “Well, I can’t really say much about that either. Because I haven’t [seen] too much of it either. I know it was fought well. But it was just tough to see – just because it kind of happened quick… We’ll see – I will definitely try to bring more than two minutes…” he explained.


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Miocic’s comments reflect his focus on his own preparations and his intention to make his fight with Jones a longer and more competitive affair. As the date of UFC 295 approaches, fight fans can only wait in anticipation to see if Miocic’s demolition plans come to fruition.

The interview also touched on the significance of the venue for UFC 295, Madison Square Garden. Miocic expressed his excitement about fighting at this iconic location, known as the “Mecca” of combat sports. “I’m excited! I got to fight in Boston, and in the TD Garden. And [now] I get to fight here. It’s like the Mecca[of MMA]… Yeah, bucket list checked[off],” he said.


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Fighting in such a historic arena adds an extra layer of prestige to an already monumental clash. Miocic’s enthusiasm for this opportunity is evident, and fans can expect an unforgettable night of MMA action. What do you think? Will Miocic give rise to a major upset at UFC 295? Or will ‘Bones’ extend his winning streak to take the title back home? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

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