Did Jorge Masvidal's personal life impact his UFC career? What do you think?

Jorge Masvidal has faced several problems after entering the world of mixed martial arts. One of them was his heated rivalry with Colby Covington. The two even took their differences to the Octagon at UFC 272, where Covington claimed a victory over Masvidal via decision. But things turned salty after ‘Chaos’ took to social media and shared a picture of himself with a woman who he claimed to be Masvidal’s wife. 

This indeed sent an uproar throughout the MMA realm. But ‘Gamebred’ took no effort to confirm if she was his wife. In that case, who is the mother of Masvidal’s children? The former UFC contender was married to Iman Kawa, but they separated back in 2019. Let’s get to know all about Kawa.

All about Jorge Masvidal’s ex-wife


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Masvidal is quite famous for keeping his personal life hidden from the public eye. However, his relationship with Kawa sneaked out. As per Tuko, the duo was together for about a decade before deciding to part ways. Needless to say, the fighter didn’t bother explaining the reason why his marriage dissolved. No information is known about their children, except the fact that they are parents to two daughters and a son.

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It's all hype

Kawa is reportedly a professional chef. She has shared her skills on her YouTube channel named ‘Better Than Your Mother’s’. Surprisingly, ‘Gamebred’ made a few appearances on the cooking and lifestyle channel while they were still together. Kawa’s professional ventures also led to her designation reading entrepreneur and procurement specialist. She is indeed the sister of Malki Kawa, Masvidal’s manager.

Moreover, Kawa credited ‘Gamebred’ for boosting her social media accounts. Her popularity went sky high soon after the celebrities and fighters appeared in her videos. In an interview with AIR Media and Entertainment, Kawa gave special credit to the former UFC BMF title holder for her success in social media. 


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No doubt, Masvidal and Kawa shared a chemistry that is now lost. The fighter also made a stance as a father when he brought his kids to the Octagon as he announced his retirement. But where does Maritza Collado come from in Masvidal’s life? Let’s find out.

Was ‘Gamebred’ ever married to Maritza Collado?

As per several reports, Collado was previously married to the mixed martial artist. But her existence came into view after Covington shared a post on social media, targeting Masvidal. He tagged ‘Gamebred’ in the post, where he was together with Collado. The caption read, “Out here playing games with Mrs. Masvidal. Great catching up with you Martiza!” Surprisingly, there is not much information about Collado. But ‘Chaos’ claimed that Masvidal didn’t want to let the world know about his relationship with her, before affirming that the two were married for quite some time. 


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In a previous interview with ESPN’s Brett Okamoto, Covington said, “I’m talking about his ex-wife, the mother of his children, Maritza, Maritza Collado; Maritza Masvidal, they’re still legally married… just ask him, why are you trying to delete Maritza from history? Why are you deleting her and wiping her away from the internet?” But nothing can be said for sure.

Masvidal now gets ready to face off against his former UFC opponent, Nate Diaz, in the realm of boxing. Without a doubt, his children will cheer for him as he steps into the squared ring. What are your thoughts on Masvidal’s marriage? Let us know in the comments below.