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“Jorge Needs Therapy” – UFC World Sounds Off on Jorge Masvidal as Bar Scuffle Story Resurfaces

Published 01/20/2023, 10:45 AM EST

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Chael Sonnen is yet again in the news for a video clip that resurfaced online on social media. The former UFC star was seen talking about a nightclub fight involving UFC welterweight Jorge Masvidal. Sonnen divulged ‘Gamebred’ took on a couple of guys and knocked them out all by himself. Fans have reacted to the video. Jorge Masvidal has had a track record of engaging in scuffles now and then. He was recently accused of assaulting fellow UFC star Colby Covington and also damaging his Rolex watch. However, Chael Sonnen has a different story to tell.

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The former UFC star talked about the night when two strangers approached Jorge Masvidal in a club. Sonnen mentions that Masvidal was wearing a gold chain necklace. “Jorge’s at a club …he’s wearing a gold chain necklace. I think he had a nice watch on or something.” He added, “These two guys walk up to him that Jorge doesn’t know, and one of them like, flicks the necklace.”

Jorge Masvidal knocks out three guys

Chael Sonnen mentioned that Jorge wasn’t aware of who the two individuals were and thought that he was about to get robbed. “He thinks that these guys are gonna rob him. So Jorge knocks the one guy out that touched the necklace and turns with a hook and knocks out the other guy,” said Sonnen.

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Sonnen reiterates that many people lie about getting into fights, knocking people out, and all that sort of stuff. But Jorge Masvidal, Sonnen believed, was an exception to that. He says, “So Jorge knocks these two guys out and decides he’s got to lay low while this scene is unfolding. So he ducks into the bathroom.”


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Chael Sonnen mentioned that on his way to the club’s bathroom, Masvidal was being followed by another individual. “A guy comes into the bathroom right behind him.” He added, “He’s [Masvidal] like ‘well I don’t know if this guy that just came into the bathroom is with those two other guys.’  So Jorge knocks that guy out.”

Fans believe that ‘Gamebred’ needs to seek a therapist

Many fans have made some very creative comments on the video posted on Instagram. They have ripped into Jorge Masvidal and made some rather funny remarks about the former UFC BMF champion.

Here are some of the reactions from users on Instagram:


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  • Honestly, I believe him. Jorge seems like a guy that will swing on you for no reason lol. UFC and reputation is the only reason that man isn’t trading Ramen for toothpaste in prison.
  • Someone gotta tell Jorge it doesn’t hurt to ask questions
  • George needs therapy
  • He playing a video game
  • Ever since the backyard brawls with kimbo
  • Great he assaulted 3 dudes for absolutely nothing……what a champion
  • Sounds like Jorge belongs in prison

Many fans have sounded off on Jorge Masvidal. They claimed that Masvidal does look like a person who would not shy away from throwing his fists. They think that he needs to seek therapy and learn to talk his way through instead of getting into physical altercations. Some funnily remarked that he was playing a real-life video game.


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What do you think of Jorge Masvidal? Drop your comments below.

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