Derrick Lewis left the MMA world buzzing after his TKO victory over Marcos Rogerio de Lima at UFC 291. As speculation surrounded his next career move, recent reports have confirmed that ‘The Black Beast’ has decided to stick with the UFC, much to the delight of his devoted fan base.

But beyond his exploits in the octagon, it’s Derrick Lewis’ spontaneous humor that has continued to captivate fans. During a post-fight interview, Lewis’ candid response to Joe Rogan’s question about removing his pants led to a hilarious moment. When asked why, Lewis cheekily replied, “My b**ls was hot.” Little did he know that this comment would evolve into a unique collaboration. Additionally, the fighter has shared a video of him jumping from a yacht which has left fans laughing.

Jaw-dropping yacht jump ignites hilarious fan reactions


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Social media platforms buzzed with laughter and amusement as fans shared their thoughts. From comparing Lewis’ ocean leap to a shark encounter to jesting about his mid-air imaginary chair sitting, the MMA community demonstrated its penchant for humor.



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Having fun is a huge part of Lewis’ personality but even might not have anticipated that his comical statement inside the ring would result in a business deal for him.

Manscaped teams up with Derrick Lewis after unforgettable comment

In a truly unexpected turn of events, Derrick Lewis’ memorable comment inspired an advertising venture with Manscaped, a male grooming company backed by Hollywood star Channing Tatum.

Manscaped seized the opportunity, creating a commercial that humorously embraced Lewis’ remark. The ad showcases Lewis addressing his condition and how Manscaped’s grooming kit helped him beat it. With his trademark humor intact, Lewis highlights the product’s benefits, emphasizing the cool, fresh feeling it provides.

Manscaped is set to go public by merging with a special-purpose acquisition company. This merger values the combined entity at approximately $1 billion. Recently, Lewis shared a video on Instagram jumping from a yacht.

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Here are some fans’ reactions:

  • If I was a shark and I saw a 260 pounds Derrick Lewis launching into the ocean I would be mentally not ok
  • You should’ve done a flying knee man
  • Man’s on yachts after that signed contracts 😂☠️
  • Why did you sit in a imaginary chair mid air😂😂😂
  • Man dropped weight and started to jump higher than basketball players 😂😂😂
  • The fish are not ok 😂

The ‘Black Beast,’ who is a beloved figure in the MMA community, had experienced a three-fight losing streak leading up to UFC 291. UFC President Dana White even hinted at the possibility of retirement for the veteran heavyweight. However, a stunning 33-second knockout victory changed the game, prompting Lewis to reconsider his stance on leaving the octagon. With his decision to re-sign with the UFC, the 8-fight deal effectively clears all speculations about a potential clash with Francis Ngannou.


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Further, with his renewed commitment to the UFC in the form of an 8-fight contract, Derrick Lewis is poised for an exciting new chapter in his career. Can ‘The Black Beast’ finally ascend to the pinnacle of the heavyweight division and become a champion in this fresh run?

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