“Kid Deserved Worse”- MMA World Including UFC HOFer Michael Bisping React to Viral Teacher & Student Altercation

Published 01/18/2023, 9:00 AM EST

The MMA community is vocal on social media on many topics. Several members often comment on contemporary issues or trending incidents. Recently, one such incident that grabbed the attention of the internet community incited a few reactions from the MMA community as well. Several prominent MMA figures like former UFC champion Michael Bisping and renowned MMA referee Marc Goddard reacted to the incident on Twitter.

A clip from 2018 that went viral on the internet recently showed an altercation between a high school teacher and his student. In the clip, the student repeatedly yelled racial slurs at the teacher before the confrontation between the two turned physical.


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The incident sparked controversy, with people debating who to blame for the incident. While some blamed the kid’s disrespectful student’s behavior, others blamed his parents. There were those that stated the teacher should have kept his cool as well. Among those that reacted there were some familiar faces from the MMA community as well.

MMA world reacts to the Los Angeles student-teacher fighting clip

One of those that reacted to the incident was prominent MMA referee Marc Goddard. The Englishman penned down his thoughts in a moderately long tweet. He pointed out how he’d have been taken to task at his home if he ever talked to a teacher like the boy in the video. Therefore, he blamed the incident on parenting and a “non consequence” society.

Former UFC champion Michael Bisping agreed that the kid needed a lesson. However, he did not condone the teacher’s actions, despite feeling sorry for him.

Former Ultimate Fighter contender Tara LaRosa also shared a similar view and blamed the parenting.

UFC veteran Chris Wade had no sympathy for the kid.

UFC middleweight Chris Curtis saw no problem with the teacher’s response.

UFC flyweight Cody Durden left the fans scratching their heads with his response.

Retired UFC bantamweight Marion Reneau expressed her sympathies for the teacher.

As can be seen from the reactions, a large number of viewers, including those from the MMA community, felt that the kid deserved some form of consequence for his actions.

The teacher received a lot of sympathy from the viewers. However, the aftermath of the incident proved bittersweet for him.

The aftermath of the scuffle

The incident transpired at the Maywood Academy High School in November 2018. Following the incident, the police arrested the teacher, 64-year-old Marston Riley, for the assault on his 14-year-old student. The following year, LA Country DA’s office dismissed all charges against Riley.


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The authorities considered Riley’s age, the circumstances of that incident, and his clean record prior to the incident as reasons to halt proceedings against him. Additionally, he had to undergo a 10-week anger management course and take early retirement.

However, some benevolent community members managed to raise a substantial sum to help out the former music teacher.


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What are your thoughts on the incident? Who is at fault? Do you agree with what these MMA figures said? Let us know in the comments below.



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