“Lazy Rogan Not Truly Caring” – Joe Rogan’s Absence From UFC 297 Has Fans Up in Arms After Dominick Cruz Announced as Replacement

Published 01/17/2024, 3:01 AM EST

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Joe Rogan will not be a part of the UFC 297 commentary team, according to recent reports. The podcast host and color commentator has become an iconic part of major UFC events with his voice providing the backdrop to many incredible moments in the sport. As such, his absence from the marquee event has caused the MMA community to come out and state their displeasure with the news.

Dominick Cruz, former two-time UFC bantamweight champion, will be replacing Rogan in the booth for the card. Cruz made his transition from fighting to analyst to commentator in 2016, joining fellow fighter, Daniel Cormier, in his new role. But despite his accolades and insight gained from his years of experience as a competitor, the fans online have showcased mixed reactions to his addition to UFC 297!

Joe Rogan’s commitment questioned after reports of his absence from UFC 297 


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According to a post shared on Instagram by MMAFighting, “Dominick Cruz replaces Joe Rogan on UFC 297 broadcast. Cruz will be joined on the broadcast team by play-by-play man Jon Anik and Daniel Cormier calling the fights on Saturday.”

The news has caused waves among the fandom who were quick to state their opinion on the update in the comments section. Some even criticized Rogan, accusing him of “laziness” and a lack of genuine interest in the sport, suggesting it’s time for him to be replaced!

The longtime UFC commentator is juggling multiple endeavors now. He has his podcast, his comedy club, and the UFC commentary gig to shuffle. As such, the 56-year-old rarely shows up for shows outside the US. And fans are clearly starting to notice this divided loyalty. 


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Here’s what the netizens had to say:

Some fans claimed that Joe Rogan should be ‘sacked’ from the UFC.

Another example of Lazy Rogan not truly caring about the sport. Time to sack him

Others welcomed the decision and stated that they preferred Cruz on the mic instead.

Not even mad Rogan has that big fight feel but Cruz is a better commentator for sure

Some curious minds also inquired about the reasons behind Rogan’s absence from international cards.

Can someone explain why joe doesnt leave the country?

Some even claimed that they would ‘mute’ the entire broadcast. Is it because of Rogan or because they don’t want commentators influencing their perspective?

Gonna have that jawn muted from the first to last fight for sure

Rogan’s style of commentary was also blasted by some fans:

At least we dont have to hear Rogan overreacting anymore

But others highlighted their displeasure with Cruz.

Time to hear Cruz bicker and whine about everything

Oh god not another 8 hours of Cruz and DC arguing

Fans also humorously stated that they would prefer listening to the Spanish commentary for the event!

Would rather listen to the Spanish broadcast now

As such, the fans have expressed mixed sentiments about Dominick Cruz replacing Joe Rogan in the commentary for UFC 297. The comments showcase a diverse range of opinions, reflecting the polarizing nature of the change in the commentary lineup for the upcoming UFC event headlined by a middleweight title fight.

Speaking of middleweights, Joe Rogan has recently revealed that a rising star in the middleweight division has captivated him with his incredible power!

Rogan gives a shoutout to middleweight who broke ‘The Predator’s record  

Undefeated UFC middleweight Joe Pyfer is making waves, earning praise everyone including Joe Rogan himself! In the recent JRE (Joe Rogan Experience) MMA Show episode no. 152 with UFC fighter, Sean Brady, Rogan asserted that Pyfer hits harder than former heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou!


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He revealed, “That motherf***er hits so hard, we should tell everybody that he broke Francis Ngannou’s record on that punch machine.” Brady, Pyfer’s teammate, also emphasized that Pyfer shattered Ngannou’s record not just once but three times in succession, underscoring the consistent display of his exceptional punching power!

The discussion on Pyfer’s prowess, backed by Rogan’s endorsement and Brady’s insights, adds an exciting narrative to the constantly evolving UFC landscape. Pyfer’s ability to generate such force in his punches has sparked curiosity and admiration within the MMA community and with Rogan’s stamp of approval, fans will be looking forward to seeing Pyfer’s power on display in the future!


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Do you think the fans are right about Joe Rogan and Dominick Cruz’s commentary? Why or Why not? Share your thoughts in the comments below!



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