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“Legend Says He Is Still Asking for the 1000$”: $500M Worth Dana White Quarreling Over ‘Mystery Gift’ Sends Fans Into a Frenzy

Published 06/01/2023, 4:56 AM EDT

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UFC President Dana White stands as one of the most accomplished businessmen in the combat sports industry. He has a net worth of $500 million. With his exceptional contributions, White played a pivotal role in the global popularization of MMA. As the driving force behind the UFC, he has dedicated tremendous effort to establishing it as the biggest MMA promotion worldwide. People often view White as a serious figure who decided every single thing that happened in the UFC world. However, a recent video of the president brings out his playful side.

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In a recent viral video of the UFC president, he was seen choosing mystery gifts over one thousand dollars. However, White soon changed his mind and childishly pleaded for the money. However, White didn’t get what he wanted; instead, the YouTuber made him eat popcorn.

Social media users react to the funny video of Dana White


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YouTuber James Seo wanted to play a silly game with Dana White to make another famous YouTuber, Mr. Beast, jealous. Mr. Beast is known worldwide for giving random people a lot of money and gifts. To make him jealous, Seo, however, didn’t choose a random person; instead, he went for the boss of the world’s biggest MMA promotion. When Seo asked White to choose between a thousand dollars and mystery gifts, White went for gifts but soon regretted his decision as he didn’t like the gifts. However, the YouTuber said a big no to White.

Fans have had some hilarious reactions to the video.


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One of the fans mentioned the net worth of Dana White. “The fact that Dana White has a net worth of 500 million makes this even funnier”

Another fan assumed that White was in the middle of shooting Power Slap 2. In light of that, he commented, “That’s the most entertainment i’d get at a power slap event”

One of the netizens pointed out how the UFC boss’ smile vanished. “His smile instantly vanished when he realized that he had got a teddy bear where he could get $1000 instead.”

Another fan mentioned the YouTuber forcing White to eat the popcorn. “Force feeding Dana White. Now that’s a dream come true”

One fan joked that White is still asking for the money. “legend says he is still asking for the 1000$”


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A fan mentioned the YouTuber saying “no” to White. “Not many people can tell Dana “No” and get away with it, respect to you.”

Another fan imagined a different reaction from the UFC boss. “Just imagine him putting him in a head lock and taking the money”


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Fans had different reactions to the video. Many seemed to have enjoyed the funny version of White.

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