“Even the People That You Think Are Greatest…” – Joe Rogan Reveals “Surreal” Moment of UFC While Revisiting the KO of the Year for 2022

Published 06/05/2023, 5:58 PM EDT

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MMA is such an unpredictable sport that it can make fortune tellers question their career choices! Here, outcomes can change in an instant and underdogs can rise to the occasion at any point. Numerous incidents throughout the sport’s history have reminded MMA fans of its fundamental unpredictability.

On a recent episode of the JRE MMA Show #140, Joe Rogan had UFC strawweight Gillian Robertson as a guest. At one point in their interesting conversation, Rogan and Robertson discussed some of UFC’s most unexpected moments.

Joe Rogan mentions Leon Edwards’ KO victory as one of the most unexpected MMA moments


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Firstly, Rogan remarked on the fact that even fighters widely considered to be the greatest of all time can be vulnerable to devastating knockouts. One of the moments Rogan highlighted was Leon Edwards‘ knockout victory over Kamaru Usman at UFC 278. It was a welterweight title fight where Usman was in the dominant position the entire time.

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That was until Edwards switched gears and knocked the champion out in the ending minutes of the last round. Further, Rogan also highlighted that Usman was famous for his durability and resilience, making the knockout even more surprising.


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“Even the people that you think are the greatest of all time, they can get cracked and knocked unconscious. Like Leon Edwards, when he knocked out Kamaru Usman in the last round. What! Kamaru? When he lands that head kick and you see Kamaru Usman, who is one of the most durable guys that ever lived… he gets cracked, he gets back up, he seems fine in every fight, In this one he gets put out, it almost seemed surreal.”

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Rogan‘s description of the moment as “surreal” reflects the shock and astonishment shared by fans around the globe.

Another shocking MMA moment in Joe Rogan’s list


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Rogan also recalled another shocking knockout that left the MMA community in disbelief: Chris Weidman‘s victory over Anderson Silva. Weidman, a relatively young and budding fighter at the time, faced the highly revered and seemingly invincible Silva. During their bout at UFC 162, Weidman connected with a powerful strike that knocked Silva out cold. Instantly, it shattered the perception of Silva‘s invulnerability.

“Chris Weidman when he knocked out Anderson Silva. That was another one of those ‘How did that happen? What is going on?’ moments! Everybody thought Anderson Silva was untouchable at that point. That was at that moment that you realized this sport is n*ts.”


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Do you agree with what Rogan said on the JRE MMA Show #140 podcast? Also, what are your favorite “what just happened” moments in the history of UFC? Do let us know in the comments below.


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