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“Lincoln Didn’t Have a Helicopter” – Joe Rogan Brutally Mocks Donald Trump’s Dig at Abraham Lincoln & George Washington

Published 12/22/2022, 8:47 AM EST

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The Joe Rogan Experience is one such platform created by Joe Rogan to talk about anything in the world. Fans may watch the podcast to get knowledge about any topic that the UFC commentator and his guests talk about. In episode #1913 w/ Brian Redban, the controversial commentator spoke about former President Donald Trump. The topic of conversation was Trump and his NFT collection. The discussion saw them revisit the advertisement of Trump’s NFT launch during the podcast. Rogan and Redban had a funny take on the former President’s advertisement and a subsequent prize.

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The statements made by the former fear factor host may not go well with certain sections of the audience. But one may have to admit that Rogan has a funny take on the entire issue.


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Joe Rogan made fun of former POTUS Donald Trump

The color commentator said while talking about Donald Trump, “He’s really jacked like that… How crazy is he?? ‘Your favorite President. Better than Washington, better than Lincoln…’ This is like a big announcement sold out… It’s sold out…” Rogan amused the guests with the words.

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Furthermore, he added, “Those ‘Trumpers’ man, they f****ng love him like he’s the Dallas Cowboys. You know its like, they’re just loyal to the team… Hahaha… It’s like us against them. That’s what they’ve, you know, there’s a certain type of person in this country that feels unrepresented.”


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During the interview, Rogan went on to imitate Trump


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Rogan imitated Trump while saying that he will be behind glass at the dinner. He said “I’m the best. Your favorite dinner guest of all time… This is my helicopter, the best helicopter. No one’s had a better helicopter. Better than Lincoln’s. Lincoln didn’t have a helicopter. Lincoln had that stupid f****ng horse.”

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Moreover, Joe Rogan made a funny prediction about the controversial President. He said, “He is going full pro wrestling… It’s going to happen… Once they put him in jail, it’s going to happen.”


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What do you think of Trump’s NFT? Would you buy those cards for a dinner with Donald Trump? Moreover, how would you rate Joe Rogan’s impression of the former President of the United States?



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