‘He Doesnt Talk to Anybody’- Ex UFC Fighter Claims Dana White Won’t Receive His Phone Call, Validating a Possible PFL Move

Published 01/30/2024, 1:45 PM EST

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Matt Riddle started his MMA career inside the UFC banner after winning The Ultimate Fighters season 7 finale. Riddle went on to finish his career with an 8-3 (2 NC) record, which is an impressive record. However, he was fired from the UFC for testing positive for medical marijuana. He then shifted to the wrestling scene.

Matt Riddle joined the WWE sometime after parting ways with the UFC. Riddle found decent success with the pro wrestling promotion, but was released nearing the end of 2023. Riddle is now signed with MLW. In a recent podcast episode of Insight revealed his future aspirations and his relationship with Dana White.

Matt Riddle reveals his relationship with Dana White


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In the recent podcast episode of Insight hosted by Chris Van Vliet, Riddle talked about his relationship with The UFC CEO,  given that he had a pretty sour exit from the promotion. When asked if he can communicate with Dana White, Riddle said, “I mean, I can communicate with anybody. He doesn’t talk to anybody. I don’t mind. But would he take your call? I don’t think he would take my call but and I don’t blame him.”

He went on to claim that if he were in a good winning streak in MMA with 10 consecutive wins or with 5 finishes, the UFC wouldn’t have a problem calling the pro wrestler. However, Riddle stated, “If I’m not biting top-down and beating top talent, he runs the UFC runs. The best fight organization in the world and he’s not in it for like, per se money fights there have been in the past but I don’t think that’s his objective.”

“I think his objective is to at the top rank fighters and see to the best in the world is and by default you’re probably going to get to get entertainment out of that.” Said Riddle, revealing the landscape of how the UFC functions.

Given that Riddle now has his options open after his recent release with the promotion, What would be next for the multi-talented athlete?

Ex WWE superstars’ future in pro wrestling and MMA


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In the podcast episode, Van Vliet asked Riddle if he would ever turn back to the UFC given that he has parted ways with WWE. Riddle revealed that if he were to try going back to MMA, he would choose the PFL route. He revealed that he had talked with multiple promotions, but what it came down to was the right fights and the money fights.

Riddle even revealed that he talked with bare-knuckle promotions. On if he was interested in bare-knuckle boxing, he said, “I’m down for whatever you know, I would do whatever dude. I know how to fight. I’ve been fighting since I was a kid I fought in the UFC.… But I would rather do MMA And that’s why you know, that’s my bread and butter, you know, and I’d actually rather just do professional wrestling at this point because I stay busier.”

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Matt Riddle is undoubtedly one of the most entertaining figures in sports right now and it would certainly be interesting to see where the 38-year-old ends up competing in the future.

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