Meet Emily Rae Steiner, UFC Welterweight Neil Magny’s Wife

Published 01/18/2024, 1:46 AM EST

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Neil Magny is on his way to fight Mike Malott at UFC 297. The welterweight fighter has had a few ups and downs in the cage in the last few years. He’s lost a few fights and won a few with his last match ending in a loss against Ian Garry. Magny now has a chance of opening up his 2024 with a win. And by his side, as usual, will be his partner, Emily Rae Steiner, also known as Emily Magny.

Magny got married to his wife on the 12th of July in the year 2018. Since then, the two have been together through thick and thin, with Magny calling the day of his wedding the best of his life. Here’s everything you need to know about their relationship and Neil Magny’s wife.

Who is Emily Rae Steiner? How did she meet Neil Magny?


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Neil Magny and his wife met through Steiner’s sister, who was dating an associate of Magny. She insisted on the two starting a relationship. However, Steiner didn’t seem too interested in dating an athlete. Regardless, upon meeting Magny, she was immediately awestruck.

She found his personality rather friendly and shy. The two hit it off with Steiner eventually claiming that she had never quite been with someone like Magny before. After dating for several years, the two tied the knot in 2018. The pair has been blessed with two children since then.

The kids named, Dominic and and Liam Magny were born in 2023 and 2020 respectively. Emily Magny’s personal details like place of birth and so on are kept private by the family. However, she is assumed to be American in terms of her ethnicity.


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She is a hairdresser with a studio called ‘Emily of Johan Hair Studio’ in Palmer Lake, Colorado. She specializes in makeup and hairdressing for weddings and special events. While her profession is far away from the Octagon, her support for her husband is still strong and beautiful to look at. Now, will Magny be able to come back home a winner from UFC 297?


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Mike Malott sees many ways to defeat Magny

Mike Malott is a rising force in the welterweight division. He has won both of his previous fights to be paired up with the experienced welterweight that is Magny. Now, he believes taking and winning this fight will help him rise even further and break into the welterweight rankings.

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“With his fight, I’m not so much focused on him as I am the position. This is a number I’m fighting for. This is my spot on the ladder, this is my ability to start climbing in the ranks.” He called this fight the biggest opportunity in his fight career so far and he’s not wrong about it either. With this fight, he could make a big difference. For Magny, it’s a way to comeback after the Garry fight. Who will take the final win? We’ll know on January 20th, at UFC 297.


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