MMA News Roundup: Khamzat Chimaev Unfazed by Dana White’s Criticism, Cormier Backs Velasquez Against Jon Jones, Bill Burr Forced to React After Donald Trump UFC 295 Row

Published 11/20/2023, 4:07 AM EST

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The world of MMA is filled with juicy news and is changing rapidly. In this dynamic age of the web, news becomes old in no time. Fans may find it difficult to take time out of their busy schedule and look for trending topics. So what should they do? Well, worry not as we bring a brief recap to deliver the stand͏out headlines from the last 24 hours, allowing you to catch up with the late͏st͏ trends.

We begin our journey with Khamzat Chimaev‘s reaction to Dana White’s Criticism. We will then make a brief stop at Daniel Cormier‘s backing to Cain Velasquez over Jon Jones. Finally, we will reach our destination with Bill Burr‘s forced reaction after Donald Trump‘s UFC 295 row. So without any further ado let’s get started.

Khamzat Chimaev is unfazed by Dana White’s statement


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Khamzat Chimaev was promised the middleweight title fight by Dana White, however later he was snubbed by White, and Dricus Du Plessis got the title shot before him. The community thought that Chimaev’s broken wrist might be the reason why he was snubbed but no official confirmation was made by any party.

Recently, Dana White made a statement that might give the impression he was against Chimaev. The UFC head honcho said “If Khamzat wanted to fight [often] he would, it’s hard to maintain that hunger when you make a lot of money”


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Khamzat Chimaev in a recent interview was asked what was his opinion on White’s statement and ‘Borz’ was completely unfazed by White’s statement. He said “I don’t know probably to make people interested. He does a good job at making people want to watch UFC you can say he is the one who built the organization. He hasn’t said such things to me personally when he speaks about me or someone else I don’t pay attention”

Daniel Cormier praised his teammate Cain Velasquez

Cain Velasquez was one of the most dominant forces in the realm of UFC. Velasquez’s career speaks for the champ. Sadly, his health issues took him down otherwise we could have witnessed the wrath of a real heavyweight who was blessed with endurance and a strong mentality.

Velasquez is one of Daniel Cormier‘s closest friends and Cormier in a recent statement has praised Velasquez and termed him as the greatest heavyweight fighter even above the likes of Jon Jones. Cormier said “I tell you, nobody wanted those Cain Velasquez problems,” “If that dude was healthy and ready to go, I still believe he was the best fighter. Ask me, ask Khabib [Nurmagomedov], ask the guys that saw him in the gym when he was healthy and he was good, nobody was like Cain.”

Bill Burr explains his wife’s action in UFC 295

Bill Burr and his wife, Nia Renee Hill, were there at UFC 295 event and when Donald Trump made the entry Renee Hill was seen expressing a middle finger towards the former US president. While the gesture may have seemed light-hearted, it sparked some controversy among the public.


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After facing backlash from the netizens, Burr in the recent episode of The Rich Eisen Show was forced to give a statement defending his wife. When the host asked him how is his wife’s hands doing, Burr in a comedic manner said “I love my wife, I know where you stand with her. The guy walked into the arena. Everybody cheered, she gave him the finger, and nobody got arrested. “That’s why this country’s great. Everybody expressed themselves. Can we all be adults?”


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Irrespective of anything no one was hurt rather than a small-time bashing from the netizens. What’s your opinion on  Nia Renee Hill’s action? Do you support it? Tell us in the comments below.

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