MMA World Reacts to “Worst Thing Any UFC Fighter Has Done in the History of the Sport”

Published 03/11/2023, 11:20 PM EST

The introduction of the fighters before they step inside the Octagon not only builds up the hype but also provides the fighters with a chance to interact with their fans. The walkout is the only moment when the fighters are closest to the fans. Without a doubt, many fans offer their hands for a high-five or a cool fist bump. Furthermore, some fans also offer drinks to their favorite warriors. 

Recently, during the events of UFC Fight Night 221 at The Virgin Hotels, Las Vegas, a UFC warrior had an accident that resulted in spilled drinks. As Lukasz Brzeski was walking towards the cage, giving high-fives to the fans, one of the fans raised a glass of beer for the fighter. However, the fighter accidentally slapped the drink, as well. As the video found its way to social media, the fans went into a frenzy and believed that it was the reason why he lost the match.

Fans get upset with UFC fighter wasting drinks


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During the walk toward the UFC cage, Brzeski accidentally spilled a fan’s drink. The fan raised his glass as if he were offering it to the fighter. However, Brzeski gave him a high-five, thereby spilling the drink. 

The footage of the incident immediately found its way to Twitter and the MMA fans took over the comments section. The caption for the post read, “This is the worst thing any UFC fighter has done in the history of this sport.”

Undeniably, many of the fans were upset with the act. They believed that it was the reason he faced defeat in the fight.

Furthermore, few of the fans were simply upset over the spilled beer. Some people blamed the fan for putting his drink out.

Nevertheless, many other fans took it as an opportunity to release their stress and have a good laugh.

However, one of the fans was quick to connect it to an incident relating to Conor McGregor.

Nonetheless, the fighter was quick to realize his mistake. He could be seen regretting his action towards the end of the video. 

Conor McGregor ducked a hat coming his way at UFC 184

Previously, when Ronda Rousey landed against Cat Zingano, McGregor happened to be present in the arena. However, during Zingano’s walkout, she took off her cap and sent it flying in McGregor’s direction.


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‘The Notorious’ surprised the fans as he quickly dodged the cap. The incident was recorded and shared on social media. Without a doubt, the Irish fighter garnered much more respect from the fans for his attentiveness.


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