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“More Dependable Than a Toyota”: BJJ World Reacts to Felipe Pena’s New Opponent After Gordon Ryan Pulls Out

Published 02/24/2023, 9:40 AM EST

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BJJ great Gordon Ryan has withdrawn from his fight against Felipe Pena at Tezos WNO to be held this weekend. He claims that his body has been facing some issues with severe migraine and body aches. However, the fight is still scheduled to take place on February 25 as Nick Rodriguez will act as the replacement for ‘The Iron Dragon’.

The 27-year-old took to Instagram and issued an apology for the withdrawal. He wrote: ‘This is one of the tougher decisions I’ve ever had to make, but it’s the right one.” Ryan added, ” I’ll start by saying that I can’t compete on Saturday. As much as I want to even the score, my body is giving me some issues.”


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Gordon Ryan has suffered from health problems before in his career. However, the concerned authorities have found a replacement for ‘The Iron Dragon’, and it is none other than his former Danaher Death Squad teammate, Nick Rodriguez. ‘Nicky Rod’ accepted the fight on very short notice as we will see him take on Felipe Pena this weekend.

BJJ world reacts to the replacement of Gordon Ryan

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fans have flocked the social media with comments on Ryan‘s replacement fighter at WNO. Let us look at some of the reactions from fans on Instagram.


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  • when you’re a natural athlete you don’t have to worry about a “cycle” and you can step in on a moments notice, nickyrod saving the day once again
  • This is honestly good… the buildup for their match will only be bigger. And Nicky Vs Pena aid still a BANGER.
  • [Nick Rodriguez] more dependable than a Toyota
  • Nicky Rod is the most down competitor out there. Respect
  • Second time Nicky Rod has saved a match in less than a year. Sheesh!
  • Big W for [Nick Rodriguez] for stepping up. Good luck to both guys.
  • People can talk shit on [Nick Rodriguez] but the dude is always ready to go


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People have praised Nick Rodriguez for “saving the day” once again. They appreciate him taking fights on such short notice for the second time. One fan claims that a true athlete doesn’t care about preparation. Instead, they are always ready to step up. Another fan made a hilarious comparison of Nicky Rod to a Toyota car, in terms of dependability.


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It’s a big win for ‘Nicky Rod’ to step up for Gordon Ryan and fight this weekend. This is certainly going to be a great fight, with Rodriguez’s ability to be explosive will go head to head with Pena’s precision.


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