Navy Seal Humiliates Sean Strickland as Ex-UFC Champ’s Challenge Goes South Quick – “Your Training Doesn’t Kill Dudes”

Published 02/24/2024, 11:07 AM EST

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Former UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland, outside the octagon, is known for his questionable choices of words. And the fact that he is absolutely unapologetic about his viewpoints. Recently, Strickland got himself tangled up in a controversy surrounding his comments on leftists. And the 32-year-old is bringing in more heat after his comments, or rather, his challenge to U.S. Navy SEALs.

“I don’t think there’s one f**king Navy SEAL who could survive a week training with me,” said Sean Strickland. “You guys think you’re bad**s, come train with me for a week. I’ll show you what’s up. I’ll f**king break you.” Just like how almost every other Strickland-related controversy has started, the former middleweight champion’s claims didn’t sit well with many. And one of them was a Navy SEAL, who responded to the video and embarrassed Strickland.

As Strickland fights for a “purse,” Navy SEALs will keep fighting for his “freedom”


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Sean Strickland’s recent challenge for the SEALs was a bit hard for most to digest. So, when a Navy SEAL came across Strickland’s video, they took their time to call out the former middleweight champion, bombarding him with facts. They said, “Your training partners get millions of dollars, and they actually live. My swim buddies? They die every single year.”

The SEAL then went on to berate Strickland, saying that they have already proved they could take any sort of “beat down” without ever breaking. Even going as far as to say that their training would end “Tarzan’s” career. He also mocked the former champ, as he stated, “Sean, you talk about taking people’s souls from their bodies. Well, me and my boys? We’ve actually taken a lot of real souls from people. You know what I’m saying, bro?”


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The military man explained how brutal their training is. He went on to imply that the training that Strickland undergoes doesn’t kill people. However, the same couldn’t be said about his training: “Your training is absolutely brutal, we get it. But your training doesn’t kill dudes every single year.” The Navy SEAL ended his argument by stating, “My best advice for you, Sean, is to stay in the octagon. Keep fighting for that next purse. And us SEALs, we’ll keep fighting for your freedom, brother.”

Given that the Navy SEAL’s argument was quite clear, it would seem that the former UFC middleweight champion has bitten more than he could chew in this instance. Just over a month ago, Sean Strickland came under intense fire from the LGBTQ+ community due to some of the comments he made during a press conference at UFC 297. While it’s unlikely that he’ll make amends for the remarks about Navy SEALs, he’s tried to make them for what went down at UFC 297. Or did he?

Joe Rogan Gets a Befitting Reply From Sean Strickland After Huge Criticism Over Sneako Controversy – “He Wanted It”

Sean Strickland to lead the Pride Parade?!

Sean Strickland recently questioned the allocation of an entire month to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. In light of these comments, as much as he angered people, he also inspired many to create memes of him, all to do with Pride Month and the community. One X user superimposed his face on a picture during a Pride parade, where he seemed to be leading the parade.


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Given his controversy last month, the tweet certainly brought on some laughter from many users. Replying to that tweet, Strickland wrote, “Some people do the easy things to get a month… Fight cancer battles with cancer… Overcome slavery… psshhh.. But I DO THE HARD THING! I wave the flag… HONOR ME!!!!!!!!! Lmao these [memes] are why I’m on Twitter.”


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Do you believe that the UFC middleweight should think twice before ranting? Or do you enjoy his rants because of how blunt he is? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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