Joe Rogan and Spotify struck a deal in 2020, where Rogan agreed to exclusively host his podcasts on their platform for a massive $200 million. As the deal is set to end soon, it appears that the music-streaming giant had no choice but to renew the contract and grant Rogan additional exclusive rights. All in all, it seems that Rogan has successfully negotiated and outplayed the music streaming app.

The multi-million dollar podcast was gathering a massive 1.9 million views per episode. The contract has given Rogan the immunity to continue his reign with the entity for the coming years. Now, Rogan has revealed the future of his platform in a recent social media post.

Joe Rogan to continue his run with Spotify


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It finally happened. Joe Rogan and Spotify have finally struck a deal. Spotify has renewed his contract for 4 years and the new contract is now worth 250 million dollars. There is a significant increase of 5o million dollars more than what it was worth four years ago. As mentioned above, Spotify and Rogan clinched a contract in 2020.

The terms of the old contract stipulated that Rogan would exclusively host his podcast episodes on Spotify. However, under the new contract, Rogan now has the flexibility to extend the presence of his podcast to other platforms such as Apple, Amazon, and YouTube.

Spotify acknowledged the new deal through a blog post, yet, maintained a silence over the financial numbers of the deal. As of now, it is uncertain whether the other companies are paying Rogan for his podcasts or not but one thing is for sure, and it’s that the podcaster will remain at the top charts for a long time.


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Joe Rogan took to his Instagram handle to announce the news. He captioned the post with a thank you note to every viewer. He writes “I would also like to sincerely thank all the people who enjoy the show. I feel insanely fortunate to have such a platform, and I absolutely love doing it. I also feel insanely fortunate to be able to have so many long, in-depth conversations with so many cool and interesting people, and it makes me happy as fuck to know so many people enjoy watching and listening.” Rogan’s bombshell announcement got a star-studded response from the fans as well as celebs.

Fans seem to be happy with Rogan’s consistency

As soon as Rogan dropped the news, fans rushed to his post to express their opinion. Some of the comments by the fans are as follows:-

Starting off, a fan immediately highlighted the tussle between Neil Young and Joe Rogan. To give you a little context: Young criticized Rogan for his COVID misinformation stuff and Spotify immediately took action by removing the legendary Canadian singer from its list

“Neil Young pissing himself right now.”

Rogan’s colleague and podcaster Patrick Bet David had something to say for the color commentator.

“Respect to you and Spotify!”

Another long-time fan emphasized that he has been listening to Rogan since 09.

“Keep crushing it champ!! Been listening since ‘09”

“Congratulations Mr. Rogan. One day we’re gonna make a Boner out of you yet.”

Furthermore, another highlighted the Young-Rogan tussle, yet again


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“Neil Young punching air right now”

Last but not least, a fan emphasized the fact that the Ads in his Spotify podcast are brutal.

“love you Joe but the ads on spotify are brutal.”


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Judging by the reactions of the fans, they are clearly happy that Rogan and Spotify finally struck a deal. Nonetheless, what’s your opinion on the multi-million dollar deal? Tell us about your opinion in the comments below.

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