“No Honour in It at All” – Things Take a Violent Turn As UFC HoF’er Forrest Griffin Takes Matters Into His Own Hands at Dana White’s Power Slap

Published 08/10/2023, 9:01 AM EDT

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Fight fans know Forrest Griffin for his legendary slugfest with the late great Stephan Bonnar. Their light-heavyweight battle in 2005 in the season finale of the premier season of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ is deemed by many to be the fight that saved the promotion. Fast forward to 2023, Bonnar is no longer with us while Griffin is fulfilling his duties as a head catcher at Dana White’s Power Slap. In the recent Power Slap 4 event, Griffin was present as usual, and there came a brief moment where his former self may have taken over, as he stepped in to check one of the contestants.


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Heavyweight sluggers Dorian Perez and James Stonier faced off on the main card of Power Slap 4: Hintz vs. Turpin. Perez was one to start the contest and he finished it with his only strike of the night. He sent his opponent crashing into the floor with a thunderous right-handed slap. As his opponent struggled to find his bearings on the floor, Perez stepped in with his war cry and Forrest Griffin had just had enough of him.

The UFC veteran stepped in and shoved Perez away from Stonier before attending to him with the other head catchers. Griffin’s facial expressions showed he meant business when he laid hands on Perez. However, that was all there was to the situation as Perez went on with his victory lap, and Griffin and co. attended Stonier. Meanwhile, fans had some exhilarating reactions to watching shades of the old Griffin for a split second.

Fans react to Forrest Griffin stepping in at Power Slap 4

Ever since its inception, Power Slap has divided fans. While many fans are still vehemently opposed to the UFC’s affiliation with Power Slap, there are those that enjoy the occasional incidents like the recent Forrest Griffin one. Following are a few of the fan reactions to the incident at Power Slap 4.

A fan mentioned that they were about to watch a UFC MMA match at the Powerslap Arena, considering the Griffin incident as the backdrop.

Another fan remarked that it’s incredible how the former UFC champ could take on every member of the Power Slap. event

Another UFC fan pondered how someone like Griffin, being such a legend, is able to witness this event.

Moreover, another internet user took a dig at the sport and made a statement against Perez’s antics.

A netizen has stated that Power Slap is a dreadful sport with no honor in itself and has criticized Dana White for its inception.


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Last but not least, a person even stated the event and the sport as a nonsensical thing and proclaimed that he would rather watch a sport like WWE instead of this.


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These critiques of power slap extend beyond its unconventional premise, delving into the heart of sportsmanship and integrity. Fans’ concerns about a perceived lack of honor and unsportsmanlike conduct echo sentiments shared within the realm of combat sports. The Power Slap phenomenon continues to provoke debate, shedding light on the intriguing dynamics at play within this unorthodox sport. As the fanbase remains divided, it’s clear that Power Slap’s journey is one of constant evolution, challenging perceptions and sparking discussions that delve deep into the essence of sportsmanship.

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