“No Phones, No TV, No Music”: Joe Rogan Learns About the “Boredom” in TUF House Amid Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler’s Show Airs

Published 06/01/2023, 2:33 PM EDT

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Joe Rogan traveled back in time to the previous seasons of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ as the show returned with its 31st installment, leaving him shocked by the comparison. Fight fans worldwide eagerly anticipate TUF 31 as it marks the highly anticipated comeback of Conor McGregor after a painfully long hiatus. Adding to the excitement, McGregor was now donning the coach’s hat for the second time since 2015.

This time around, McGregor’s opposing coach is none other than the formidable Michael Chandler, who reports suggest McGregor will face in a highly anticipated fight by the end of this year. On Tuesday, ESPN aired the thrilling debut episode of TUF 31, capturing all the drama, action, and intense rivalries that have made the show renowned.


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While the stage is set for a thrilling and action-packed season, Rogan’s disbelief reached new heights when a participant from ‘The Ultimate Fighter 26’ unveiled the inside story of what it’s truly like to spend an entire season in the TUF house. And the UFC commentator couldn’t fathom the level of boredom experienced by the participants.

Joe Rogan learns about the agonizing TUF boredom

In episode #140 of the JRE MMA Show, Joe Rogan engaged in an insightful conversation with ‘The Savage’ Gillian Robertson. Robertson had recently secured a commendable submission victory against Piera Rodriguez at UFC on ESPN 44, further enhancing her professional record to an impressive 12-7-0.

Interestingly, Robertson had previously participated in TUF 26 back in 2017. As she sat down with Rogan, they delved into discussions about ‘The Ultimate Fighter.’ The UFC commentator shared his thoughts, stating, “They also cast that show as a reality show. It’s a very cleverly done show. You know, like, it’s smart the way they do it. Like, even with what they’re doing now with Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler… Perfect sh*t talking when Conor tells, ‘You’ll do as you’re told’. It’s amazing. I hope that fight takes place.”


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Comparing her experience on TUF 26 to the extravagant latest season, ‘The Savage’ unveiled that her time on the show fell short of the exciting spectacle depicted in TUF 31. Delving into the behind-the-scenes reality, she expressed, “The boredom gets to you if anything else… No phones, no TV, no music, no books… Nothing at all.” Taken aback, Joe Rogan responded with a sigh, exclaiming, “[Sighs] No books? Oh God!”

Robertson further explained how the participants coped with the monotony. She revealed, “You’re allowed to get a notebook. And then they gave us- we ask for coloring books and they gave us sketch pads.” That certainly makes for one TUF time for the participants.


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What side are you supporting in TUF 31? Team McGregor or Team Chandler? And why? Let us know in the comments below.

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