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“Nobody Has a Right to Have Such an Inflated Ego”: Michael Jai White Leaves a Bittersweet Comment for Steven Seagal After Applauding Him for “Bigger Than Life” Persona

Published 06/07/2023, 2:27 PM EDT

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Despite past clashes, it seems that veteran actor Michael Jai White and Hollywood legend Steven Seagal have sorted out the bad blood between them. In a recent DjVLAD interview, White even shed light on Seagal’s attempts at making amends for his disparaging comments on the MMA artist. Turns out – Seagal apologized to him face-to-face in Thailand, during the shooting of “Triple Threat.”

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In yet another riveting interview, Michael Jai White took a direct shot at Steven Seagal for his demeaning remarks. He even advised Seagal to show some humility, despite being a renowned choreographer. Why? Well, White reasons that Seagal was not doing any ‘extraordinary’ stuff in his movies – rather he just made it look “exalted.”

A lesson in humility: Michael Jai White’s message to Steven Seagal


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Michael Jai White countered Steven Seagal’s harsh comments in a recent DJVLAD interview. In an old interview, Seagal had berated White’s toughness and martial arts skills. White, renowned for his bold comebacks, made a bold declaration – he upheld the notion that Seagal had simply embarrassed his own reputation.

White challenged fans to compare Seagal’s physical feats in movies to reality, retorting,


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“… see if Steven Seagal is doing anything physically in a movie that your dad can’t do, right?”

Taking his argument further, he urged Seagal to be “humble,” arguing, “Steven Seagal – I think he should be humble. You’re not doing anything that other people can’t do physically – right?”

White acknowledged Seagal’s ‘larger-than-life persona’ and applauded it, saying, “But the persona is bigger than life and I applaud it! I’m – I was a fan.” White advocated Seagal’s talent as a choreographer, citing his work on projects like “The Challenge” and Shogun-themed films. Yet, he revealed how exceptional choreography could deceive viewers into false impressions about people. He also urged fans to be more aware of what’s real – beyond the images projected on-screen by celebrities.


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As an educator and martial artist, White’s humility is reflected in his words. He gave Seagal a ‘reality-check,’ further adding, “I think nobody has a right to have such an inflated ego, especially when people can do what you do.”

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Vlad interrupts White, and asks him if he had heard about an incident where Seagal pushed an interviewer into a pond, White replied that hadn’t – suggesting that Seagal would have been annoyed, hence the bizarre reaction.


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White’s message to Seagal was clear: it’s time to be humble and recognize that others can do what he does. It’s essential to look beyond the surface and truly understand the skills at play.

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