Dana White has had many moments that were unappealing after his life became widely public. The UFC CEO has been seen in numerous verbal spats, recorded during angry moments as well as embarrassing ones. However, perhaps the one thing that’s the most impactful is that one video of him and his wife outside of a club in Mexico.

Does the moment still haunt him? White came out almost immediately after the video caught fire and he and his wife took full responsibility for the things that happened. However, some scars never quite fade out fast enough. Here’s what he had to say about his children’s reaction to the whole thing.

Dana White on looking out for the kids


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Dana White loves his kids. And that’s why they were perhaps the first people on his mind when the infamous clip broke out. It’s true, things like these could traumatize children and according to the UFC head, the children always know the most.

“. . . you know this and everybody else in the world that has kids know this your kids know exactly who you are if you’re a racist your kids know you’re a racist if you are you know do things like that to your wife your kids know you the list goes on and on nobody knows you better than your kids do.

“. . .that was the only thing that mattered to me and my wife you know nobody wants to see their dumb drunk parents slapping each other on TMZ you know what I mean.” White also spoke up about how his son Dana III didn’t speak to them for a while.

Clearly, the incident affected White for many reasons. Interestingly, during the same interview, White was caught up in an awkward moment or two after his vulnerable statement about his kids. It was a little interesting given the UFC CEO was recognized for the promotion’s famed color commentator.

White gets mistaken for Joe Rogan and then runs into Howie Mandel


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Dana White was almost done with his interview when the host, Sage Steele asked him what his dream was. Except, she called him Joe Rogan instead of Dana White. It took the UFC CEO a second to register the mistake which led to to a few awkward laughs.

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However, it wasn’t quite yet over for White just yet. The very next moment, Howie Mandel just randomly walked onto the set and in front of the cameras. It was awkward because now Dana White has done multiple podcast episodes since leaving Mandel’s podcast within seconds of being introduced saying that he was done with podcasts for the time being.


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What do you think about all of this? Should White’s life be turned into an 80’s sitcom just for the kicks of it? Let us know in the comments.

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