Terrance McKinney lost his bout against Nazim Sadykhov at UFC Fight Night: Holm vs. Bueno Silva in Las Vegas in a second-round submission. The American has spoken out against the referee and has gained unexpected backing.

The featherweight, whose record in the UFC stood at 3-3 after this loss, tweeted a clip of the fight along with a caption telling fans what he thought about Keith Peterson’s refereeing.

Terrance McKinney criticizes referee Keith Peterson


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McKinney posted a clip of Sadykhov using the fence to gain leverage as he wrestles with McKinsey to get a more dominant position. The referee then moves his fingers off the Octagon. But McKinney thought it was inadequate. He argued that the rules require the referee to warn the fighter and stand them up if the fighter does not comply and not merely remove his fingers from the cage.

In a caption with the clip, McKinney wrote: “Ok I lost but how many times do you get to put your fingers in the cage for leverage? The ref ain’t suppose to just swat your hand away they’re suppose to warn you and then stand you up if you do it again. He did it the first round too The same ref that didn’tgive me my mouthpiece back during the Dober fight too, what happened to no non sense!?”


Although McKinney was able to take Sadykhov down in the first round, the Azerbaijani came back strong in the second round to put McKinney in a rear naked choke hold, to which he submitted.

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McKinney not only thinks his opponent got away with grabbing the fence twice but also criticized referee Peterson’s actions in his previous loss against Drew Dober. The American received support from his fans on Twitter, including adult film actor Kendra Lust.

McKinney receives support from Kendra Lust

Lust replied to McKinney’s tweet voicing her support for the fighter. She agreed that Sadykhov had grabbed the fence more than once to get a better position. “I said it when when watching he used the fence more than once and it used it when u were trying to get out of the position to help keep him on top.” she wrote.


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Terrance McKinney thinks that referee Keith Peterson’s laxity was an important reason for his loss to Sadykhov. Do you think bad refereeing was the reason behind McKinney’s loss? Or do you think he is making excuses to explain away his loss? Tell us in the comments section below.

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