Not Layla Machado but Neil Magny Is the Real Reason Behind Hatred on Ian Garry Is What Fans Confess – “How Anyone Could Even Blacken His Name”

Published 01/23/2024, 2:04 AM EST

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Ian Garry has found himself losing support from the fans after Neil Magny recently spoke about the drama surrounding the two fighters. Magny is famous among fans for his long tenure in the UFC’s welterweight division and holds the record for most wins in the division’s history with 22! He faced rising Irish star, Garry, at UFC 292, which saw the youngster overcome the veteran via a unanimous decision.

However, the build-up to the short-notice fight was marked by Garry’s questionable comments regarding Magny and his family. The verbal attack on Magny and his exchanges with former middleweight champion, Sean Strickland, led to the fans reconsidering their support for the Irishman. As such, Magny’s recent confession regarding Garry’s statements has caused many fans to join ‘The Haitian Sensation’s corner!

Neil Magny recently opened up about the emotional toll he experienced due to comments made about him by Ian Garry. In his appearance on ‘The MMA Hour’ with Ariel Helwani, Magny revealed, “The things being said in that press conference actually being quoted and being positioned to be used in court, that was an uneasy feeling. I just didn’t like it at all. Mentally, it took a huge toll on me.”


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Despite the challenges, Magny took a compassionate stance, acknowledging that Ian Garry, the source of the comments, was also a parent with responsibilities. He confessed, “…he and his wife have a child that they have to raise as well, and I hope they can figure it out for the sake of their child… I don’t have room in my heart to hold grudges for anyone.”


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The fighter’s demonstration of a mature perspective on a complex situation has caused the fans to flood the comments with their support for Magny! Here’s how the community reacted:

Neil Magny garners support over Ian Garry

Fans pointed out that Magny is a “better man” than Garry.

Ian maybe a better fighter, but Neil is a better man!

Others claimed that they didn’t care about the situation with Garry’s wife being ridiculed online for her book until Garry targeted Magny’s personal life.

Honestly idc about Ian’s wife and all that, him saying that stuff about Neil is what ruined him for me

Fans also slammed Garry for his behavior and claimed he is not ‘worth’ Magny’s attention.

Ian behavior towards Geoff Neal and Neil Magny was abhorrent, its probably not a coincidence that he is on the wrong hand of the stick now and had to disable his comments, glad Magny is not letting it consume him, Ian is not worth it

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Some even stated that Magny appears to be more of an adult than Garry.

Neil sounds like a mature adult. Garry sounds like an immature child.

Fans also claimed that their opinion on Magny has changed in light of the recent incidents.


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ngl i had a hard time getting behind neil recently, maybe counting him out due to his age, but recently after his fight w Mallot and seeing how he’s handling the media situations he has for sure gained a fan out of me

Others proclaimed their support for Magny, inside and outside the Octagon, with one fan even sharing a heartwarming anecdote about Magny’s charitable actions.

Back in 2018 Magny fought at UFC in Liverpool. While there he’d heard there was a local girl (1yr old) who was very sick and needed to raise a lot of money for medical treatment. Neil donated $15k from his fight purse. Didn’t have to but knew he could so he did. How anyone could even attempt to blacken his name is absolutely fkn disgusting. He’s a gentleman and a standup guy through and through 🫡


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The contrast between Magny’s positive image and Garry’s perceived immaturity has fueled a reassessment of fan loyalties. In essence, Neil Magny’s reputation as a gentleman and standup guy is on the rise, while Ian Garry is grappling with the consequences of his recent actions!


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