Now in USADA Pool and UFC 300 Return in Works, Conor McGregor Humbles Sparring Partner in Viral Clip – “Looking Sharp”

Published 10/05/2023, 2:16 AM EDT

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The ‘notorious’ Conor McGregor seems to be making a comeback after all, but not soon enough. Despite McGregor’s unwavering determination, the Irishman won’t be stepping back into the Octagon anytime soon due to the requirement of clearing the six-month USADA pool. Michael Chandler has also made a similar claim, setting the stage for McGregor to potentially make a triumphant return in UFC 300.

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Originally, McGregor’s slated opponent for a showdown on TUF 31 was Michael Chandler. However, a twist of fate intervened when USADA barred him from stepping into the octagon. Nevertheless, there’s a ray of hope on the horizon as McGregor has now dutifully submitted his samples to USADA for testing. Additionally, he has tantalized enthusiasts by uploading a video of his recent sparring session, igniting optimism among fans.

Fans in awe after Conor McGregor shared his sparring video


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‘Mystic Mac’ has been earnestly striving to make his return to the arena, and in his latest endeavor, the Dubliner is finally putting forth a determined effort. With McGregor submitting his samples to the USADA pool, it appears evident that the fighter will need to endure a six-month waiting period before gracing the octagon once more. Michael Chandler echoing similar sentiments makes it increasingly likely that UFC 300 could see the comeback of the former dual-weight champion.

In strategizing McGregor’s return, it would be most advantageous for both McGregor himself and the promotional entity to strategically align with UFC 300. This pivotal juncture possesses the latent capacity to metamorphose the entire occasion into an awe-inspiring spectacle, ultimately gathering a substantial attendance and significantly elevating remuneration for not only the UFC but also for McGregor.


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McGregor in his most recent escapade has uploaded a video on his Instagram handle where he can be seen having a Sparring session. As soon as he uploaded the video fans flooded his post to express their joy and love for the fighter. Some of the comments under the post are as follows:

Sweatin out the whiskey

He’s looking violent again

Champ in Making

Looking good and strong champ

Huge W mr mcgregor

Why’s he not fighting you back, don’t get that in the UFC Champ.

fucking hell conor looking sharpp

Based on the fans’ reactions, it is clear that they are amused by McGregor’s journey to make a comeback. Nevertheless, Fans have poured adoration and love for the fighter as he continues to batter his opponent in the sparring session.


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Michael Chandler’s opinion on Mcgregor’s comeback

Michael Chandler was always sure that Conor Mcgregor would have his return around the big event of UFC 300. While having a conversation with Ariel Helwani he emphasized that he is confident about the fight to happen. However, he had no idea about the date of the potential match. Chandler further stressed that there’s no chance McGregor will return without facing him; his comeback hinges on this showdown.

In the conversation, Chandler added “Obviously, it makes a lot of sense that there is a very historic card [UFC 300] coming up with the UFC, I haven’t been told that is when it is going to be, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that is when it is. If it is, I got more and more time to prepare. I have never had this much time to prepare for one certain guy, one certain opponent. So, me and my team are training here in Nashville, and also when I go down to Florida are going to put together a game plan to knock this dude out in the first round or two.”


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With Conor McGregor’s anticipated return timeline now firmly established, fans will be in for a substantial hiatus before witnessing the champion grace the octagonal arena once more. What are your sentiments concerning Conor McGregor’s resolve to bide his time until UFC 300? Kindly share your viewpoints in the comment section below.

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