Outspoken Joe Rogan Explains His Stance on Meme Space Being Always Right-Wing: “Who Has Never Voted Republican”

Published 08/17/2022, 9:15 AM EDT

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UFC Color Commentator and Comedian, Joe Rogan often talks about political matters in his podcasts. Rogan’s most recent guest on his podcast was entrepreneur Seth Dillon, who is also the CEO of a satirical news website called The Babylon Bee. In the most recent episode of the JRE podcast (#1857), it only takes the pair a couple of minutes to start talking about political comedy.

Rogan goes on to talk about how the meme culture has grown and become a new place for comedy. He brings up the fact that he believes meme culture to be ‘right-wing’, as Rogan says, “the meme space has always been right-wing because it’s like the thing to make fun of.” The 55-year-old also mentions how he enjoys memes that poke fun at politics.


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“Memes have always been like very funny, like some of the really funny Trump memes and some of the very funny Anti-Biden memes and Covid memes”

Joe Rogan Brings Up Who He Voted For

Seth Dillon mentions how he enjoys it when Comedians challenge the system. Rogan, whose stance on this situation is popularly known, agrees with Dillon. As the pair take a sip of their drink, Dillon jokingly remarks that Rogan is his “favorite far-right extremist”. The two laugh as Rogan adds to Dillon’s statement;

“Who has never voted Republican”


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The UFC Commentator’s political opinions are always a topic of discussion in the media. Whether Rogan made his remark jokingly, or there was a hint of truth in it, is up for debate. As the podcast continues, the two continue to talk about the politics involved in comedy briefly before moving on to another topic.

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Joe Rogan has expressed his political stance on various topics in the past. This has often landed him in hot water. Do you think Rogan was simply making a well-timed joke? Or was he subtly trying to give his listeners an idea of who he has voted for? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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