“Please Don’t Accuse Colby of Being Gay” – Paulo Costa Makes ‘Respectful’ Demand After X-Rated Tweet Puts Colby Covington on the Spot

Published 11/07/2022, 10:39 AM EST

Paulo Costa is one of the most coveted names in the UFC. The Middleweight fighter is known for his knockout power. In fact, in his first 12 fights, he defeated his opponents inside the first 2 rounds of the fight. ‘The online fanbase also appreciates ‘The Eraser’ on Twitter due to his funny tweets. Recently, Costa took to Twitter once more to deride his fellow Welterweight Fighter, ‘Colby Covington’.

Polyana Viana made a lewd comment about Covington regarding their previously reported relationship. Colby Covington had also spoken about it previously in an interview and probably things went sour between the two from there on.


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Paulo Costa derided Colby Covington following Polyana Viana’s tweet

Colby Covington went to great lengths to provide unprompted personal information regarding his relationship with former teammate Polyana Viana last year. The brazen welterweight was questioned on why he did not agree to a last-minute match in March against Leon Edwards.

Covington had stated, “There wasn’t much talks. I was busy balls deep in Polyana Viana, so to get me off the couch in three weeks’ notice to fight some Leon Scott guy, it was gonna be a price tag”.

His remarks about Viana seemingly infuriated her, but she maintained her cool at that point in time. She stated that she felt, “sorry for those who act so low to try to promote themselves”.

But recently Viana went all guns blazing as she mentioned Covington in one of her tweets. ‘The Eraser’ was overjoyed at this as he took to Twitter and shared his views on the same.

He tweeted, “please don’t accuse Colby of being gay, just because polyana said she stuck her finger in his a**.”

Costa also replied to his own tweet

Costa was evidently overwhelmed at Viana’s response, as he felt that a single tweet wouldn’t suffice for the cause. He also replied to his own previous tweet about this issue. His reply also contained a staged video of the reaction he supposedly gave when he first saw Viana’s tweet.

His reply read, “you are very childish! Respec his sexual tastes”. The video attached to Costa’s reply showcased him spitting out the ‘Secret Juice’ he is often seen gulping in his videos.


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Covington is regarded as one of the best trash-talkers of the current times. This time, though, Viana and Costa seemed to have gotten one up on ‘Çhaos’. Do you think Covington will reply to either of the two?

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Are you a fan of Covington’s trash-talking? Or do you hate him because of it?


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