It’s time for UFC middleweight star Chris Weidman to step foot inside the Octagon after a long wait of over 2 years. Making his return after such a long span, Weidman would surely intend to catapult him to the front line as he aims to be triumphant against Brad Tavares. But it was all because of an unforeseen leg injury, which made him wait for a long time. It was somewhat similar to the terrible experience of the lightweight bigwig Conor McGregor.

While his return was the hot topic of discussion, a social media post popped out since it had something gripping regarding the middleweight. The post, shed light on his blunt aims while he looked forward to making a statement inside the octagon.

What was the startling statement made by Chris Weidman?


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The UFC 292 pay-per-view is nearly five days away from happening. While it has a bantamweight championship contest as the headliner, Weidman’s return after a considerably long time has also been the talk of the town. It was all because of a gruesome injury that occurred when Weidman’s leg broke as he attempted a leg kick against Uriah Hall.

Considering his return, a post on Instagram by Stand Em Up highlighted what the 39-year-old was aiming for as he steps foot inside the Octagon. It had a caption that stated, “I’m closing my eyes the first few seconds of the fight, I do not want to see the legkick”



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With his nearing return, the former UFC middleweight champion has surely been a head-turner. However, coming after such a brutal injury Weidman didn’t seem to care about the past as he was aiming to use his leg again. Regardless of the consequences associated with that jeopardous move, he laid his daring intentions straight. However, his intentions seemed to concern the fans, as they had numerous notions about the middleweight sensation. But, the main doubt is, how did the fans unpack the rollercoaster of their reactions?

Fans raise their concern for the former middleweight champion

The fans appeared to be worried about his motives. They frequently voiced concerns regarding the former middleweight champion. Being Worried about the single mistake that caused him to wait so long, they had the following reactions:


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  • Please wrestle man. I promise nobody will be mad
  • Checks immediately leg snaps like a glow stick again
  • I was at that event… and holy sh*t it was the loudest sound ever! A dude threw up in the section near us
  • Well that didn’t go well for him

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  • Wasn’t just any leg kick he said he wanted to throw the hardest one he could
  • If the same thing happens again, I might cry actual tears of sorrow
  • He’s crazy! Gotta love it!


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It was obvious that the fans must have remembered the scenes from UFC 264, when Conor McGregor had a somewhat similar injury while he was battling against ‘The Diamond’ Dustin Poirier. Amidst the talks about his injury, Weidman also made it clear recently that he was aiming for the middleweight gold and was not serious about the impending contest. The fans, however, looked serious about his prospect. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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