Polyana Viana Was Ready to Fight Sean Strickland After Nina-Marie Daniele Confessed He ‘Kicked the Sh*t Out of Her’

Published 02/03/2024, 2:26 AM EST

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Sean Strickland almost broke Nina-Marie Daniele’s leg, or at least she thought so! The former UFC middleweight champion and Daniele are known by the fans for their hilarious interaction on her YouTube channel and social media. And recently, she even engaged in a light sparring session with ‘Tarzan’ that left her bruised and battered!

As such, during a recent conversation with Polyana Viana, another UFC fighter, Daniele showed her the results from her sparring session! The display resulted in an interesting response from the Brazilian when she found it was Strickland who almost “broke” Daniele’s leg!

Sean Strickland made Nina-Marie Daniele think twice about sparring


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The video of Strickland and Daniele sparring has already amassed over 1.5 million views since it was uploaded on her channel highlighting the popularity of the duo. However, during the session, it appeared as if Daniele didn’t realize what she had signed up for!

Therefore, in the conversation with Polyana Viana, Daniele revealed that “I got the sh*t kicked out of me by a man. Sean Strickland beat the sh*t out of me…”

She then showed a massive bruise on her leg which prompted a stunned reaction from Viana who mimicked pulling out a gun and aiming it, possibly indicating her intention to fight Strickland on Daniele’s behalf! But the social media star stated, “I appreciate the reaction though…”

Daniele then explained, “He was teaching me how to do like the Philly shell, and then it just turned, it just like very drastically turned into a sparring session, where he like checked my kicks and he was like kick me and then he checked one of my kicks and I thought I broke my leg on his shins.”

However, Daniele walked away from the session with all of her limbs intact, and Viana’s concern for her highlights the camaraderie within the MMA community!

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And it isn’t just Daniele who has an interesting Sean Strickland sparring story as a former UFC middleweight champion also revealed his first interaction with ‘Tarzan’ on the sparring mats!

Strickland sparred with Luke Rockhold while the former champ was “hungover”  

Luke Rockhold recently shared his initial impression of Sean Strickland! On the JAXXON Podcast, Rockhold vividly recalled Strickland’s first visit to his home gym on sparring day.

He stated, “Strickland walked into RVCA one time and he was such a loud mouth idiot, I was like, ‘who the f*** is this guy?’ I was so hungover, so annoyed, I was like, ‘F***, I’m going to get in a spar with this guy, I can’t even take it.’”


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USA Today via Reuters

Reflecting on the encounter, Rockhold admitted to feeling rough due to a night out but he held his own during a challenging round with Strickland. He also mentioned employing an old-school technique during the session as he revealed, “I put paper towel…wrapped it in my teeth like an old-school wet mouthpiece”

Despite the clash, Rockhold acknowledged Strickland’s trickiness and skills and expressed interest in having him back for another sparring session! The anecdotes shared by Rockhold offer a glimpse into the dynamics within the world of professional fighters. And Daniele’s story highlights the dangers even a playful sparring session can have on an average human being! 


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