Riled Up Dana White Unloads on Bob Menery for Ditching the Nelk Boys – “Didn’t Need Jacksh*t From You”

Published 02/10/2024, 11:59 PM EST

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Dana White is on the Nelk Boys’ side with the whole Bob Menery drama. But what is the drama about? A former member and co-founder of the Full Send Podcast, Menery walked away from the show a while ago. It was over differences among them. Later on, Menery went on to claim that they owe him a lot of money. Now, he came back to the podcast for this one episode featuring none other than Dana White.

White is a big fan and a friend of the Nelk Boys, and all he wanted was to help them out with the whole situation. But maybe he ended up roasting Menery. What did he say?

Dana White believes Bob Menery is “delusional”


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Apart from calling him delusional, Dana White also noted that Menery’s side of the story seems a bit rough-edged to begin with. He believed that in a partnership like the Full Send Podcast, things had to be a little bit collaborative, to say the least.

Of course, that didn’t end up being the case with Menery walking out from the ordeal. Now, YouTuber and member of the Nelk Boys, Kyle Forgeard has the support of the UFC head honcho. who believes that they needed nothing from Menery to grow the channel and the podcast.


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“Kyle was being nice to you, very nice, the Nelk Boys didn’t need jacksh*t from you.” White told Menery rather bluntly. “. . . When you think that you’re worth this but you’re not, had you stayed here and done this right and been with them and you grinded out. These f*cking guys work hard, they work f*cking hard man, all these kids work hard  and you know you come in with this inflated value of yourself.”

Why is White pointing his fingers at Menery’s inflated “value”? Perhaps because the former host of the podcast believed that he brought an audience to the show that was responsible for blowing it up. He was also certain that the contacts they have today have been due to his influence. However, Dana White believes that both the Nelk Boys and Menery together brought in the audience from their combined pools and not just Menery. He also told them how he managed the UFC with the Fertitta brothers.

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Dana discloses UFC’s joint effort to the Nelk Boys and Menery

Dana White urged the Fertittas to buy the UFC and since then, he has been at the helm. But it didn’t come easy for him. He explained that when an organization the size of the UFC is set up, it takes effort from everyone. The UFC was all hands on deck for White.

He noted how he brought some things to the table and the Fertittas brought other things to the table. This sort of collaborative effort is what helped the organization grow to the scale that we can see today. The UFC boss just wanted Menery to know that making a show like the Full Send Podcast successful would not have been possible if it wasn’t for everyone doing their bit.


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Of course, things are still messy for the podcast as Menery didn’t seem to have come to terms with it fully. White was just there to overlook their conversations and offer his assistance if anyone needed it. Now, will things settle down for the Nelk Boys and their rivalry with Menery? Perhaps White can give them a great word of advice to bring them together for good. What do you think?


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