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‘Ruthless’ Joe Rogan Explains How Psychedelics Made Him ‘Much Kinder’ After Mike Tyson Shared His Experience

Published 09/14/2022, 11:30 AM EDT

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In a recent episode of ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’, the podcaster spoke about his psychedelic experience. In a conversation with his guest, Dr. Gabor Maté, Rogan shared how they affected him.

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Rogan felt many people have changed because of psychedelic experiences. He went on to confess he was one of them. “I certainly have changed,” he said.


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Maté was curious about what changes Rogan saw in himself and hence, pressed to know more. The podcast host replied, “Much kinder. Just, I grew up in competition, and most of my teenage years were spent competing in martial arts competitions.”

“I hated the idea of weakness. I didn’t even like the fact that I enjoyed s*x. S*x to me seemed like pleasure and pleasure seemed like a lazy, weak way to approach life. Well, I was very dedicated to winning … and that mindset was very ruthless. And it takes a long time to get that out of your system.”

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“I was trying to be the measurable best at a specific form of competition,” he revealed.

Thus, the pressure of competing led Rogan to hate losing. While he doesn’t compete anymore, he is a trained fighter with extensive training in different forms of martial arts like jiu-jitsu, kickboxing, and taekwondo.

However, he isn’t the only well-known figure who has had such an experience with psychedelic substances. Legendary boxer Mike Tyson, too, had some experiences to share about using them.

As per him, he lost quite a lot of weight. He specifically spoke about ‘The Toad’ and how one might face ‘two thousand years of experience’ in just 20 minutes. He also believes psychedelics have given him the opportunity to see the other side of life.

Joe Rogan: When did he start using them?

The discussion of psychedelics is not a new one on the JRE podcast. If anything, it is quite the norm for Joe Rogan to discuss the subject with a variety of his guests.

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For example, back in 2018, in a conversation with Nikki Glaser, he revealed he was around 30 years old when he first started using those substances. He also spoke about how he got introduced to them at parties as he was relatively well-known back then too.


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However, he felt he met the right people to experience it with. Through psychedelics, he realized there was more to the world than one can see. Joe Rogan was of the opinion that most people like to live in a tent instead of discovering what’s outside of it.

In spite of that, Rogan also agreed that experiences with psychedelics can go wrong, where people dislike what they see or realize.


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