Sedriques Dumas Arrest: Controversial Footage of Police Confrontation Reveals Reason Behind Felony Battery Charges on UFC Fighter

Published 02/14/2024, 5:38 AM EST

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A new controversy is in town in the MMA world. UFC middleweight fighter, Sedriques Dumas now finds himself behind bars. In a recent turn of events, Dumas has been charged with battery and was thereafter, arrested. He is presently being held without bond.

However, he denied these allegations having any merit in a self-recorded video before being arrested. This leads to a series of questions, Who registered a complaint against him? Following this, what was his reaction to the charge? Let’s wait no further and unwrap these questions.

Sedrique Dumas is in trouble


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The American prospect boasts an impressive record of 9 wins and only one defeat. All was going well for him inside the cage, however, not so much outside of it. As per reports, law enforcement in Florida received a call from a concerned woman, alleging that her boyfriend was physically hitting her. Thereafter, the authorities took cognizance of the matter and suspected the UFC fighter to be involved. Subsequently, they approached him, but he vehemently denied being her boyfriend—let alone hitting her.

According to ESPN, he said, “I’m not her boyfriend, so that wasn’t me,” Dumas told the officer. “We’ve been broken up. … We’re not together. I’m just f—ing walking.” Later, Dumas said: “What, you try to say I hit her or some s—? Please don’t play with me like that.”

Surprisingly, this is not his first time being in a similar situation. Back in 2022, before the UFC signed him, he faced accusations of hitting a woman in the face during an altercation at a bar in Florida.

As per several other reports, Dumas will not be in custody and he is scheduled to be in court on March 5. However, this tragic turn of events takes place for him ahead of his upcoming fight. This leads to a question, what is likely going to happen with his MMA career?

What lies ahead for Dumas?

Dumas is in deep waters and his future remains uncertain. As of yet, a lot is dependent on him proving himself innocent on March 5. In the circumstance he fails to do so, then, his fight with Nursultan Ruziboev at UFC Atlantic City on March 30 can be in jeopardy.


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Not to mention, this fight card appears to be damaged as the main event Sean Brady vs. Vicente Luque also fell apart. However, it bears mention that this middleweight fight might continue to be in the works, but it depends on how this debacle shapes up to be. In any case, it is not a good look for the prospect to be in the headlines for this reason.

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How he will come out of it will only be revealed in time. That being said, what do you make of this fiasco? Share with us your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.


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