The Abu Dhabi Combat Club makes sure that the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu reaches every nook and corner of the world. However, one name that can never be overlooked while talking about BJJ is Gordon Ryan. The BJJ legend has recently fallen victim to one of the worst cases of strep throat. Without a doubt, the internet burst open with sympathetic comments after he shared details of his condition on social media. Undeniably, the illness has exacted a hefty price on his physique.

While many fans were busy with hopes for the BJJ King to recover soon, ‘Bloody Elbow’ recently shared a picture that compared how Ryan looked before and after his recovery. The transformation was indeed unrecognizable.

BJJ fans react to Gordon Ryan’s shocking pictures


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Recently, Bloody Elbow took to Twitter and shared a couple of pictures. The pictures showed a comparison between Ryan’s physique before and after his terrible strep throat. The image on the left showed a buffed-up Ryan while that on the right-hand side showed how he lost all his gains.

Without a second’s delay, the fans took over the comments section and wrote down their thoughts. One of the fans believed that the BJJ champion should simply retire and open a gym.

Another fan asked the warrior to hang in there while assuring him that he would get all of his gains back.

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Many were shocked by the drastic changes.

Additionally, a few more fans extended sympathetic arms toward Ryan.

Howbeit, some fans were doubtful of Ryan’s muscles being natural.

Finally, one of them seemed to think that Ryan had a body like Craig Jones now.

Nevertheless, the fighter received prayers for a fast recovery. 

Is Gordon Ryan not responding to the treatment?

Ryan has been suffering from a severe case of strep throat. He was hospitalized since his throat swelled up and made it hard for him to breathe. For such an infection, penicillin is the first choice that could be administered to the patients. However, there are times when the treatment doesn’t act according to the plan and penicillin didn’t work for him as expected. Ryan had to switch between amoxicillin and clindamycin to recover from the illness. 


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In an Instagram post, Ryan provided the fans with all the details of his condition. He declared that he couldn’t train and was also headed for a tonsillectomy as well as fixing his deviated septum by surgery. Fans and celebrities alike sent their well wishes for his quick recovery.


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What do you think of Ryan’s transformation following the illness? Let us know in the comments down below.