“Stay on Your F*****g Feet” – Conor McGregor Once Went Berserk at TUF While Cody Garbrandt, TJ Dillashaw Watched From the Stands

Published 01/31/2023, 12:30 PM EST

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The Irish UFC star Conor McGregor is all set to return in the year 2023. The ‘Notorious’ will not only return in the octagon to win the hearts of the fans yet again. Recently the news of his return as the infamous coach is all over the internet. McGregor was featured as a coach in Dana White’s ‘The Ultimate Fighter’. TUF is a reality show where popular MMA legends, as well as some active fighters, coach budding MMA aspirants. The concept in itself speaks of huge fame. Fans especially loved to see him rage on his disciples.

‘The Notorious’ is known for losing his temper pretty quickly. In a throwback video, fans miss the time when he was in his ultimate form. The former UFC champion was not having it when his student was losing to the opponent. “Stay on your f***ing feet,McGregor kept shouting. 


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Fans can’t keep calm as old TUF video of Conor McGregor resurfaces

Although McGregor‘s return to the UFC in the year 2023 is still not confirmed officially yet. However, if not in the UFC, then his returning to TUF is certainly good news for the fans. On Instagram, a user posted a past video of the Irishman with the caption, “bro got so mad that time I’m dead. I feel like we’ll see a nice Conor again tho tbh. Just no idea who will coach against him…” Fans’ reactions under the post are definitely the highlight.


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Somebody was definitely in the mood to attack fellow UFC fans while commenting, “McGregor fans watching Khabib vs Conor

Dana White should highly consider this suggestion: “Artem should be the other coach.” The rivalry between the two ex-friends is still on.

Nothing against him, but please not Dustin again. There are so many different new and exciting options for Conor to fight,” a fan ranted about the matchmaking.


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about 2 months ago

Some suggestions should be considered by the higher management, “Colby vs Conor TUF would be entertaining af.”


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In this case, the coach-to-coach battle will never be finished: “Should be Islam.”

A fan replied to the caption directly by saying, “nice Conor definitely ain’t coming back.

Somebody is surely missing the times: “golden.”


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Where do you see McGregor by the end of this year? Do you think he again comes at the top of his division? Do you think he will have good luck with TUF this season?

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