‘That Wasn’t Me’- Bruce Buffer Trolls Derek Brunson on Twitter

Published 04/19/2021, 10:44 AM EDT

Bruce Buffer recently took to Twitter to clarify a situation related to the Askren vs Paul fight. The Ben Askren vs Jake Paul fight was a bizarre and entertaining event. From the build-up to the fight to the post-match, everything related to the fight was fascinating.


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One such incident happened before the fight. It even left Ben Askren a bit baffled. During the pre-match in-ring introductions, the famous announcer Michael Buffer messed up Ben Askren’s surname completely.

Buffer introduced Askren saying, “The mixed martial artist has a record of 19 victories and only 2 defeats, from Heartland, Wisconsin, USA, Funky Ben Ascue.”


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‘Funky’, along with everyone watching, was shocked to hear that, and Askren even shot a shocked ‘What’ towards Buffer.

The ring announcer was going for something, but that didn’t sound like Askren at all. This spread like wildfire and prompted several people to discuss it on social media. However, one such discussion managed to rope Michael’s half-brother, Bruce Buffer, into it.

What did Bruce Buffer say?

Many fans confused the two announcers and started trolling Bruce Buffer on social media. Amongst them was professional MMA fighter, Derek Brunson. Brunson took to Twitter and wrote, “Bruce Buffer called “Ben Askren”, “Ben Ask you” 

Brunson was among many who got confused between the two brothers. However, Bruce Buffer took the time to reply to Brunson and clarify his doubts.

Buffer wrote, “That wasn’t me Derek as I was announcing the UFC in Vegas last night, Cheers.” 

Bruce Buffer is a veteran of the industry and his passion for sports hasn’t faded just yet. And now that Bruce Buffer has clarified the matter, it seems a good time to move forward from the mishap.

What next for Ben Askren?

Before his fight with Jake Paul, ‘Funky’ had not competed for 2 years. The veteran fighter had last competed against Demian Maia back in October 2019.

The former Olympian had lost the fight via a Technical submission, this was Askren’s second loss in a row. Earlier the same year he had faced his worst ever defeat against Jorge Masvidal.


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‘I Didn’t Let the MMA Community Down, I Let the World Down’- Ben Askren Releases Statement After Jake Paul Loss

3 months ago

Ben Askren has achieved almost everything there is to achieve in combat sports, and the veteran fighter knew that this fight against Paul would not change that.


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Whatever the result of the fight may have been, MMA and wrestling fans love Ben Askren and would love to see the fighter come back and compete again.


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