“That’s a Giant Commitment”- Joe Rogan Explains the Reason Behind His Absence From UFC Fight Island

Published 05/27/2022, 6:16 AM EDT

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When the pandemic hit the world, every sporting event around the globe stopped. However, the one man who kept events going on is UFC President Dana White. During the pandemic, White and the UFC gave rise to UFC Fight Island.

While everything was present at Fight Island, fans missed the presence of the iconic Joe Rogan. Recently in an episode of his podcast, Rogan cited the reason behind his absence from UFC Fight Island.

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On the podcast, when Rogan was asked if he went to Fight Island, he replied by saying, “No, I didn’t. That’s in Abu Dhabi. But that’s like when they were doing the Fight Island thing, that’s a giant commitment.”


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He further added, “Like you are over there for many days because you have to, they have very strict covid quarantine rules. And it was pretty. You couldn’t leave the hotel.”


Why is Joe Rogan So Important to the UFC?

almost 3 years ago

While Rogan has been absent from his commentary duties at UFC Fight Island, the color commentator also stopped commentating at UFC Fight Night events.

Throwback to when Joe Rogan stopped commentating at UFC Fight Night

Over the years, Joe Rogan has been an iconic figure in the UFC. Having worked since UFC 12: Judgement day in 1997, Rogan has been a mainstay in the promotion and is loved dearly by MMA fans.


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Although, over the last few years, Rogan has only been commentating at UFC PPV events. Speaking about it Rogan said that the reason he was not commentating at UFC Fight Night was because he had too much work and too much travelling to do. Rogan also said that he was paid less money for it.

Another reason on why Rogan stopped commentating at UFC Fight Night was because the legendary commentator did not have a pleasant experience at the first Fox card. He was told by the production to alter his commentary style.

Joe Rogan, being a man of his own, clearly did not like it. He voiced his displeasure and since then; he received no instructions from the production team.


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While his fans and followers miss Rogan in the commentary booth at UFC Fight Night’s, they still get to see Rogan working at PPV events. Let us know your thoughts on this saga in the comments down below.



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