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“That’s F***ing Gross” – Fans Left Creeped Out by Joe Rogan’s Latest Obsession

Published 05/16/2023, 11:12 AM EDT

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The 55-year-old UFC commentator Joe Rogan has a wide range of interests. He has often shocked fans with his weird tastes. This is one factor that makes Rogan’s social media handle interesting for fans. The former Fear Factor host has nearly 16.9 million Instagram followers. He never fails to engage his followers with unique posts. Among celebrities, Rogan is someone who uploads photos and videos that are sometimes thought-provoking and sometimes weird.

America’s Favorite Video Today

A recent post by the UFC commentator creeped out his followers. Rogan took to social media to share the details of his latest interest. Fans never expected the 55-year-old to form an obsession with praying mantises!

Fans react to the bizarre video posted by Joe Rogan


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Joe Rogan recently took to his Instagram handle to share a video of a mantis preying on a bug. In the video, the mantis is eating the bug alive. Additionally, the mantis was on a mission to have the face of the bug first. Along with the video, Rogan wrote, “I spend a surprising amount of time watching videos of praying mantises mercilessly consuming other bugs while they’re still alive.

After watching the hair-raising video, fans were quick to react.


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A post shared by Joe Rogan (@joerogan)

Check out how fans reacted to the post.

One of the fans least expected to see the video

“was not expecting to see this today. thanks joe ig”

Another fan had a suggestion.

“Don’t let the vegans watch this”

One fan called Rogan’s post a “weird flex.”

“Weird flex but ok”

Another fan pointed out how the mantis had the face of the bug.

“Those things are sadistic in how they eat their face first”

One of the fans feared the mantis getting big.

“If they start getting bigger we’re fucked.”

One of the Instagram users clearly hated the video.

“That’s f*cking grossssssss”

Another fan was eating.

“damn Joe, I was eating”

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A fan had a different concern


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“Imagine if that was the size of a dog, humans would go extinct in a few months”

From the reactions of the fans, it was clear that they got really uncomfortable at Rogan’s new obsession.

The UFC commentator cannot deal with spiders


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It’s not the first time Rogan has come up with an insect-related post. A few months ago, Rogan posted a picture of a terrifying spider on his Instagram. The UFC commentator found the spider in his garage, and in the post, he admits that he is scared of such gigantic spiders. He later went on to say that if it was a rat or mouse, he would have felt them adorable and would help them move out safely from the garage. Nonetheless, things are quite different here, as enormous spiders induce terror in Rogan. What do you make of the latest video posted by Joe Rogan? Let us know in the comments section below.

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