“That’s Like Hoarding”: Inspired by Jay Leno, Legendary Comedian Worth $40M Discloses Bizarre Car Collection to Joe Rogan

Published 06/24/2023, 7:50 AM EDT

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Acclaimed comedian Gabriel Iglesias recently appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, where he delved into his passion for collecting VW vans and shed light on why he doesn’t collect Porsches. In episode #2001 of the JRE, the conversation between Iglesias and Rogan turned to the topic of collecting various items, leading Rogan to inquire about Iglesias’ fascination with VW vans.

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The conversation reveals a lot about how ‘Fluffy’, as the comedian is popularly known, approaches collecting cars. Joe Rogan couldn’t believe what he heard when he found out how many cars Iglesias actually owned!

Joe Rogan asks why Gabriel Iglesias isn’t a huge fan of Porsche cars


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Iglesias, known for his humorous style, described collecting as “hoarding” and admitted, “I’ve got a lot of Volkswagens.” Intrigued by the comedian’s extensive collection, Rogan asked for a specific count. Iglesias responded in a lighthearted manner, “I don’t wanna sound like a d**che, but I lost count… It’s over 20.”



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Curious to learn more, Rogan probed further, questioning why Iglesias chose to amass a collection of VW vans. Iglesias revealed that it all started with his first car, a 1968 VW Bus. He recalled a conversation with car enthusiast Jay Leno, who showed him his own collection and emphasized the idea of investing money in something that brings joy.

Iglesias, who has a net worth of $40 million, got bit by the ‘collection’ bug then.

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Furthermore, he also recounted a heartwarming story about personally securing his ex-girlfriend’s first car and receiving support from Leno’s team in reclaiming his own first car, which coincidentally turned out to be a bus. Inspired by this experience, he expressed his interest in acquiring more VW vans.

Subsequently, he said that Leno’s team offered assistance, and he expressed interest in acquiring more VW vans. Three days later, they contacted him with another van, and Iglesias eagerly accepted it. This marked the beginning of his continuous collecting journey. Which is still going strong!


‘Fluffy’ shares why he loves his VW Buses instead of  flashy sports cars

When Joe Rogan asked about the reason behind his preference for VW vans, Iglesias explained that the car holds a special place in his heart because of its iconic status. While some collectors focus solely on Porsches, Iglesias finds the VW bus to be a uniquely cool and recognizable vehicle.

He humorously added, “With a bus, no one’s looking at you like, ‘OMG, another Porsche.” The bus represents a fun and distinctive car that Iglesias wanted to be known for owning.

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Reflecting on his journey as a collector, Iglesias mentioned that he started collecting VW vans approximately 10 years ago. Since then, his collection has grown significantly, with over 20 Volkswagens now in his possession.


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The VW Bus has been an icon in a lot of pop culture milestones from the 1960s to the late 70s. From movies like ‘Cheech and Chong’s: Up in Smoke’ to the ‘Woodstock’ documentary.

As such, the iconic automobile has cemented itself as a symbol of the counter-culture. It’s even the original basis for the ‘Mystery Mobile’ driven by Scooby and The Gang!


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Let us know in the comments below, what’s your favorite car?

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