‘The Last Dragon’: Alex Caceres ‘Incredible’ Bruce Lee-Like Kick Sends UFC World Into Meltdown

Published 12/19/2022, 9:45 AM EST

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UFC Vegas 66 was the ideal way for the UFC to cap out 2022. This Las Vegas-based event featured a lot of thrilling bouts and performances that will undoubtedly go into the record books as some of the UFC’s best from 2022. And one such moment was the Bruce Lee-like kick from Alex Caceres a.k.a ‘Bruce Leeroy’. That kick he landed on Julian Erosa undoubtedly solidified Caceres‘ legitimacy and gave him the big victory at UFC Vegas 66.

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However, apart from winning the bout, ‘Bruce Leeroy’ has also won the hearts of the crowd with that kick he displayed in the fight. So much so that his kick was compared to Bruce Lee‘s kick from the movie, ‘Fist of Fury’, and upon that, fans showered a ton of praise on Alex Caceres.


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Upon the comparison, some fans even stated that Caceres‘ kick was better than Bruce Lee’s!

Fans label Alex Caceres as The Last Dragon

A picture posted on Instagram drew parallels between Alex Caceres and Bruce Lee‘s almost identical kick. And that picture elicited a number of reactions from the fans, who lauded Caceres for his impressive kick at UFC Vegas 66.


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The caption of the post stated, “BRUCE (LEE)ROY LIVED UP TO THE NAME  #UFCVegas66“. And there couldn’t be a more perfect way to describe this iconic moment.


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There were a number of fans who were left in awe by this kick. Some supporters even said that Alex Caceres has long been underappreciated.

Check out some of the best reactions from the fans upon this comparison:

Some fans thought Alex Caceres wasn’t given enough credit.

“Give Alex credit, his was more impressive. It was against an unwilling opponent and he put him to sleep.”

“Everyone has been sleeping in Alex.”

There were fans who were simply amazed by the kick: “That was a beautiful ko.”

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“It was a perfect technique. Beautiful work.”

One fan claimed that Caceres‘ kick was even better than Bruce Lee‘s: “Better form because his front hand is still in a good guard position where Bruce’s arm is too far out”

“Bruce Leroy the last dragon…”

“Good head kick , I’ll be tuning in for his fights more often.”

Caceres impressed another fan, given the fact that he is vegan: “Not bad for a vegan.”

Alex Caceres has certainly cemented his position well in the UFC now with this incredible performance at UFC Vegas 66. However, apart from UFC, Caceres also expressed his interest in yet another promotion by Dana White.

Alex Caceres in Power Slap?

Earlier, in one of the pre-fight press conferences, Alex Caceres was asked about his thoughts on the slap fighting and has he ever considered participating in it. To what, the 34-year-old replied, “Yes I have, I have considered it. I think it’s hilarious. It’s cool. I don’t know, it’s funny. Just this pain tolerance. I’m pretty sure that’s what it’s mostly about. But I’ve figured I have pretty big hands.”

He then added, “I know I’m the only 145ers that wear large gloves in the UFC… I think I could be pretty decent at slapping somebody.”


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‘Bruce Leeroy’ even responded to the criticism the slap-fighting is subjected to. One such is that it’s not good for the brain. To which Caceres replied, “Neither is smoking cigarettes, neither is working in factory plants, neither is eating bad food or getting punched in the head for a living, like I do… I mean a lot of things is dangerous.”

Well, Caceres certainly makes a strong case there. And upon seeing his interest in entering slap fighting, maybe we can expect to see him participating in Dana White‘s Power Slap. Who knows? It’s just another league from the UFC boss himself. So, the chances are pretty good if he actually decides to partake in it.


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