“The Power of the Joe Rogan Experience”: UFC Legend Left Stunned After Experiencing Firsthand the Massive Influence of JRE

Published 05/14/2023, 7:41 AM EDT

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Joe Rogan has risen to the very top on Spotify with ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’. Armed with a variety of subjects and genres, starting from MMA and going to science, the JRE has arguably attracted more people than any other podcast. But that’s not all. The JRE has helped the guests’ businesses boom. One such business was that of Chael Sonnen.

In the recent episode of ‘Bad Guy Inc’, Sonnen revealed the time when he realized the power of Rogan’s experience. He revealed how a single appearance on the JRE helped him to increase the sale of his shirts without even having to advertise the merch.

Chael Sonnen talks about the power of JRE


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On the ‘Bad Guy Inc’, Sonnen revealed that he wore one of his shirts and went to have a talk on Rogan’s podcast. Although he claimed that he never talked about the merchandise before, a single appearance on the JRE exploded the sales of the product.


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He said, “I wore a ‘Bad Guy’ shirt. We just started making shirts. And it was a ‘Queensbury Bad Guy’, I never talked about go to badguyinc.com. Never once. Never talked about I’m selling these shirts, these are my shirts, nothing. I just wore a shirt and went into Joe’s show.”

The former UFC contender then talked about the platform he used for his business, ‘Shopify’. He explained that every time a shirt sells, he would receive a notification. Surprisingly, right after he switched his mobile phone on, after the show, the notifications didn’t stop coming. He was awestruck at what was happening. 

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Sonnen continued, “They see the shirt, they type it, I don’t know. All of the steps that you would have to do. It’d be so much easier if I just said go to badguyinc.com and buy the shirt. I never, nothing even close to that. And it would not stop dinging. It’s just an incredible thing. I could feel, I could feel the power of ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’.”


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The Joe Rogan Experience was the most popular podcast on Spotify

The JRE achieved the commendable feat of being the most popular podcast twice in a row. It secured the spot in 2021 as well as 2022. Launched in 2009, the podcast is on the verge of touching the mark of 2000 episodes. However, Rogan lost the number one spot to Alex Cooper, Meghan Markle, and Kim Kardashian. Nevertheless, the 55-year-old podcaster has remained a fan favorite.


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