“There Has to Be Some Professional Standard” – Having Embarrassed Father of 3 Daughters Daniel Cormier Once, Ailin Perez Faces Fans Wrath After Yet Another Twerking Stunt

Published 11/19/2023, 12:16 AM EST

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UFC Vegas 82 featured ͏several exciting ͏fights, and one standout bout was Ailin Pere͏z’s clash against Lucie Pudilova. Perez secured the victory with a unanimous decision, showcasing͏ her masterclass in the Octagon. However, it wasn’t just her performance that captured everyone’s attention rather it was the way ͏she ͏celebrated her victory that ͏overshadowed her win.

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Ailin Pérez marked her recent victory with an impromptu dance, and the commentary team had the perfect vantage point to enjoy the celebration. However, her celebration faced a huge backlash from the combat community. Let us delve deeper into the topic.

Ailin Perez’s UFC Vegas 82 victory dance faces backlash


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After securing the victory, Perez celebrated in the cage with a lively dance, adding a touch of flair by twerking against the cage right in front of the commentating team. One of the commentators couldn’t help but remark on Perez twerking. “Some would say it’s too early on a Saturday in Las Vegas for that move.” said the commentator.

Fans seem to have conflicting opinions on Perez’s celebration. They state that the dance is an utter disrespect to the world of MMA. Some comments by the fans are as follows: –


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One of the fans stated that she should be fired.

Another fan inquired how her close ones would feel when she acted like that.

Furthermore, one of the fans questioned how this would reflect on women in MMA.

Additionally, one of the fans showcased his utter disappointment.

One of the fans urged Dana White to reinstate some discipline in the sport.

One of the fans couldn’t believe what he was witnessing.

Last but not least, one of the fans added that it was crazy that she twerked in front of her son.

It can be understood from the reactions of the fans that they are not amused by Perez’s antics. They add that she disrespected MMA. Some of the fans even urged White to add discipline to the game. Nonetheless, it was not Perez’s first time.

Ailin Perez’s celebration made Daniel Cormier blush


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Ailin Perez’s post-victory celebration at UFC Vegas 77 took everyone by surprise. Following her dominant performance against Ashlee Evans-Smith, resulting in a resounding victory, Perez added an emphatic touch by swaying her hips and twerking.

The unexpected celebration momentarily caught former champion and UFC commentator Daniel Cormier off guard, causing a brief pause in his interview. Fabiano Buskei also seemed a bit flustered as he translated Perez’s winning speech.


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What’s your opinion on Ailin Perez’s winning celebration? Do you think Dana White will take action on such practices? Tell us in the comments below.

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