“There Will Be Memes” – “Shredded” Joe Rogan Leaves Brittney Palmer, Jon Anik, and UFC World in Splits as Cold Plunge Adventure Goes Viral

Published 01/15/2024, 11:20 PM EST

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Joe Rogan and his enthusiasm for staying fit has been the source of inspiration for many of his fans. However, the podcast host and UFC commentator has recently been hit with light-hearted jabs by the MMA community for his cold plunge shenanigans!

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Cold plunging or cold water therapy is a practice in which fully immersing oneself in a tub of frigid water and ice is utilized for post-workout recovery and other health benefits. Rogan has been a vocal supporter of the practice on his podcast in the past. However, as the comments on his latest video indicate, the online community was left rolling with laughter at his latest video highlighting the cold plunge!

Fans and MMA community react to Joe Rogan and ‘meme’ worthy video


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In a recent post on his Instagram, Rogan shared a video of himself jumping into the cold plunge tub with the caption, “21 degrees in Austin! Time for a cold plunge! #everyf*ckingday @morozkoforge”

The video has drawn comments not just from the fans but from notable figures in the world of UFC like Brittney Palmer, Jon Anik, and Tyron Woodley who were quick to make their thoughts known about Rogan and his icy, cold adventures!


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Here’s how the netizens reacted:

Brittney Palmer and Jon Anik shared their support for Rogan in the comments

@brittneypalmer: 😂😂😂 get it bud

@jonanik: 🐐

Some fans pointed out the absurdity of the situation from their perspective

Im watching a grown man take a bath

Andrew Huberman was also spotted in the comments showing his support for Rogan

@hubermanlab: When 34F is a “warm bath” compared to the ambient temperature, that’s a strong start to the day.

Other fans made humorous comparisons between their routine and Rogan’s

Hey guys, I woke up feeling like a savage this morning, decided I would take a nice hot shower like a normal person.

Fans also pointed out the ‘meme’ potential of the video

There will be memes

Former UFC welterweight champion, Tyron Woodley was also impressed by Rogan

Brave Man

The comments reflect a mix of support, humor, and acknowledgment of Joe Rogan’s unconventional approach to starting the day. Rogan’s peers and fans chimed in with emojis, funny observations, and praise, creating a lighthearted atmosphere. The interaction showcases the camaraderie within the community, where seemingly mundane moments become sources of entertainment and connection!

And in a recent episode of the JRE podcast, Rogan revealed what he thought about Colby Covington and his trash-talk-heavy performance at UFC 296!

Rogan breaks down what went wrong for Colby Covington at UFC 296 


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In the aftermath of Colby Covington’s loss to Leon Edwards at UFC 296, Joe Rogan provided insights on the latest JRE MMA Show no. 152 with UFC welterweight, Sean Brady. Rogan, the UFC color commentator, criticized Covington’s extensive trash talk, emphasizing that “Colby talked so much s***” and went too far with comments about Edwards’ father.

Despite Covington’s reputation as a master provocateur, Rogan believes this approach backfired in the fight, stating, “He’s the master at getting under people’s skin but I think in that fight it backfired. He didn’t look good.”


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While addressing the fight on the episode, Rogan also commended Edwards for his dominant performance, showcasing superior striking skills and maintaining control throughout the bout. In conclusion, Rogan’s breakdown underscores the impact of Covington’s trash talk on his overall performance and how it may have contributed to his defeat.

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