Is Joe Rogan right about San Francisco's downfall, or is he just stirring the pot again?

Many fans, especially on the Joe Rogan Experience subreddit, think Rogan has taken a decidedly right-wing shift in his politics from the center-left where he was a few years ago. The main catalyst for this seems to have been the lockdowns imposed during the Covid-19 pandemic, which Rogan was a vocal critic of, and the 56-year-old moving to Texas.

Others, however, feel that the Overton window, especially on cultural issues, has moved too far to the left, and left people like Rogan behind. What is clear, however, is that the UFC commentator is not happy with the current state of American politics, as was clear from a recent moment on his podcast.

Rogan thinks the mayoral race points toward the ‘end of San Francisco’


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Joe Rogan was joined by stand-up comic Tyler Fischer on episode #2168 of the JRE podcast last week. The duo was discussing US politics and the prospects of President Joe Biden in the upcoming presidential election. During the discussion, Rogan was reminded of a recent debate between San Francisco Mayor London Breed and one of her opponents, Mark Farrell, which has gone viral; especially on the conservative part of the internet.

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So exasperated by this interaction was Rogan that he thought it portended the ‘end’ of the city of San Francisco, as he believed these issues were not very relevant to being mayor. Of course, it is important to remember that the clip was a brief exchange from a nearly hour-long debate, on which many other issues were addressed.

“I was telling you before this Mayoral race in San Francisco. This might be the end, this this might be like San Francisco is a failed city. I mean really is but this there’s no better indication of how failed it is than listening to this debate, listening to these people argue about what’s important in San Francisco. This was on the Jesse Water show,” he said. But what exactly was the interaction that made the podcast host so incensed?

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During their June 17 debate, Mayor Breed asked her opponent, Mark Farrell, to “name three LGBTQ advisers for your campaign and three drag queens in San Francisco.” This prompted Farrell to clarify that while he had two staffers on his campaign from the queer community, he wasn’t comfortable identifying them on stage. Of course, this is not the first time Rogan has predicted the end of San Francisco.


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Rogan once compared SF to a failed state

This is not the first time Rogan has blasted San Francisco. Last year, in his podcast episode with comedian Gabriel Iglesias, the JRE podcast host had called ‘The Golden City’ a “failed state.” Reeling from the after-effects of the pandemic, which had seen the city go from a bustling tech hub to a ghost town, SF’s office vacancy currently stands at a 30-year-high 30%.


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“No one’s stopping anybody from doing anything. It’s crazy how quick San Francisco has [declined]. Everyone’s pulling out of there. Hotels are pulling out. Chains like Walgreens are pulling out,” Rogan added. Some large retail chains, such as Walgreens, H&M, and Nordstrom, have pulled out of the city, which many analysts ascribe to a rise in retail theft.

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