“This Really Happen?” – Kevin Holland Reacts to Derogatory Conor McGregor- Michael Chandler ‘Blackface’ Meme

Published 03/11/2023, 2:45 PM EST

The UFC superstar, Conor McGregor, is a favorite of the meme makers, as most of the memes related to the Irishman are enjoyed by many. By now, McGregor has proven that it is easy for him to hit the headlines, as people love to know every single detail about their favorite fighter. 2023 is definitely an exceptional year for McGregor fans, as the Irish superstar has finally decided to set his foot back in the octagon. The crowd expected that the two-division champion would directly hit the octagon. However, that’s when the most unexpected news reached the fans that the Irishman would first serve as a coach in TUF 31 against Michael Chandler and later the two will lock horns at the end of the season.

At the moment, the coaches are already in Las Vegas, shooting for TUF. Nonetheless, McGregor, being his notorious self, has made headlines from the TUF location for all the wrong reasons. This gave the memers more opportunities to troll McGregor. The meme where the African American version of the Irishman is portrayed pissed off the welterweight, Kevin Holland.

Kevin Holland is pissed off at the African-American version of Conor McGregor


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 The UFC fighter, Kevin Holland, took to Instagram to post the meme, where it was written, “Breaking: Conor McGregor put on make-up to look African-American and went to Michael Chandler’s children to tell them he is their biological father.” The meme was highly offensive as it included the adopted kids of Michael Chandler, who belonged to the African American race.

The racist nature of the meme was visible as they edited McGregor‘s face in black. After posting the meme, Holland wrote, “Did this really happen? Also, why don’t they have light-skinned tanning spots?



Followed by Kevin Holland, the UFC fighter, Terrance McKinney, tweeted it with the caption, “cold-blooded” after coming across the derogatory meme.


Here is how netizens reacted to the meme

 One of the fans pointed out McGregor’s mother’s actions.

 “This looks fake but remember when his mom did blackface for Halloween”

 It seems that some fans enjoyed the meme.

 I’m just a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude

 One of the fans wrote that the incident mentioned in the meme was real.

 “It’s real Kev I was there”

 Another fan made a sarcastic comment about the Irishman.

 “Deconor Mcgregor”


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 Some of the fans mentioned McGregor as a “black fighter.”

 “Top 3 black fighters: Conor, Perry, DeSean Strickland”

 “McGregor is my favorite black fighter!”

 One of the Instagram users commented:


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If he did this is hilarious tbh

The mind games of “The Notorious”

The world knows Conor McGregor as a fighter who plays mind games with his opponents. The Irishman always tries to destroy his opponent with his antics and trash talk. At the moment, Michael Chandler has to face the Irishman’s jabs for a few weeks. Hence, it is normal for memers to use the situation to evoke laughter. However, they definitely have to maintain their boundaries.


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