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What was supposed to be a showdown between Dana White and former UFC fighter, Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone has turned into a tiny bit of a tragedy. ‘Cowboy’ was supposed to take on Dana White’s bull ‘Twisted Steel’ on May 18, 2024, at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, but instead, Cerrone suffered a severe bicep tear just days before the potential clash. The UFC CEO helped Cerrone by hooking him up with a well-known surgeon but it seems like the clash between the bull and the human stands cancelled.

After a successful reign by ‘Twisted Steel’, Cerrone challenged Dana White that he would not only ride but also control the bull, responding to this challenge, White stated that he would give $50000 if Cerrone rides ‘Twisted Steel’ and another $50000 if he stayed on him for 8 seconds. Cerrone had accepted the challenge but Cerrone’s injury has halted the showdown and White believes that it was a bad idea from the very start.

Dana White shared his two cents on Donald Cerrone’s injury


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How did Donald Cerrone injure himself you ask? Well, Dana White put good money on ‘Twisted Steel’ and Cerrone was on a mission to defeat the bull who was on a winning run. ‘Cowboy’ headed over to a ranch to train himself for his potential showdown with the ‘Twisted Steel.’ Despite initially managing to control the bull, only this time he was about to get the horns. In an attempt to take control of the bull Cerrone slipped and thus injured his arm completely.

Through his social media, Cerrone uploaded multiple videos showcasing his injury. He added that he has to undergo sudden surgery for the injury and he will not be able to face ‘Twisted Steel’ on May 18, 2024, however, he further added that once he recovers, he will come back to take Dana White’s pride. The UFC CEO helped the ‘Cowboy’ but he thinks that Cerrone is making a mistake challenging his bull.

“I thought this was a bad idea for Cowboy from the start. Twisted Steel is the nastiest bull in the PBR. He’s bucked 90% of his riders. Let’s leave it to the pros at the PBR World Finals in Arlington,” said Dana White. ‘Twisted Steel’ has a strong record of 35-4 and there has hardly been any rider who stayed on that six-year-old bull for more than 7 seconds.


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Injuries are a part of the game and even experienced bull riders have sustained some life-threatening injuries. Cerrone suffered a bad tear from a training bull and now that he is stating that he would come back to take on White’s pride, the CEO just believes that it is just a bad idea from the former fighter. Nonetheless, Why does Dana White love ‘Twisted Steel’ so much? Let’s find out.

White’s pride in bull-riding “Twisted Steel”

Dana White has multiple bulls in his arsenal, some of them are F-Bomb, White Thunder, Sour Diesel, and most notably, Twisted Steel. The UFC CEO’s love for professional bull riding started when he tried to ride a bull back in 2016 but after a catastrophic three seconds of his life, White knew that it would be better for him to leave the sport alone but he invested heavily in bulls.


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The most recent purchase that the CEO made with the ‘Twisted Steel’. It is one of the ranked possessions off White and due to this factor ‘Twisted Steel’ has a high buck-off rate. It must be noted that it is exceedingly challenging to ride the bull. The six-year-old bull has successfully bucked off 29 out of 31 riders who dared to ride him. ‘Twisted Steel’ has a bull score of 434 on average. No wonder Dana White loves it that much

Dana White is so proud of his bull that he brought the bull to one of UFC’s weigh-ins. Nonetheless, ‘Twisted Steel’s story has just started. What’s your take on White’s obsession with the bulls? State your thoughts in the comments below.