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3 Years After Suffering From Adverse Effects of His Famous Carnivore Diet, Joe Rogan Reminisces About “How Many Animals You’ve Eaten”

Published 07/15/2023, 12:18 PM EDT

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When it comes to bizarre discussions, none do it quite like ‘The Joe Rogan Experience.’ From the potential adverse effects of lead paint on American IQ to hordes of Russians fighting in football fields – Joe Rogan’s intriguing discussions seldom leave any stone unturned.

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A concurrent topic on the JRE is diet and nutrition. Over the course of many JRE episodes, the UFC commentator has voiced his POV for optimal health and nutrition-based habits. In a similar vein, Rogan recently spoke to a notable female comic, who shared a similar line of thought on the topic. This time, however, Rogan’s discussion stemmed from the human affinity and bias for some animals that are considered ‘cute.’

‘Cute’ and ‘ugly’ animals: A JRE discussion


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In episode #2007 of the JRE, Rogan sat down with writer and stand-up comic Adrienne Iapalucci. During his conversation with the comic, Rogan and Iapalucci engaged in a light-hearted discussion about our perceptions of animals’ cuteness.

The UFC commentator kicked off the discussion, saying, “It really is crazy – if you think about it like, your whole life – from the time you were a baby to now, how many animals have you eaten?”


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Rogan’s thought-provoking question prompted contemplation. As a response to his question, the comic replied, “I don’t feel bad eating the ugly animals. Like chickens are not particularly cute, but like – cows are so cute… so are pigs…”

Rogan seemed to agree, adding, “Pigs can be really cute.” But the conversation took a wild turn when the comic brought forth a rather contradicting mindset among most non-vegetarians. Iapalucci playfully admitted that while she enjoys watching adorable animal videos, it doesn’t hinder her from enjoying meat.

But the JRE host was not shying away from reflecting on some personal POVs. As their discussion went on, the 55-year-old spontaneously voiced another intriguing perspective, “Isn’t it interesting that wild pigs aren’t cute at all?”

Towards the final note of this discussion, Adrienne chimed in, adding ” I think we are just like reasoning and thinking about it, but there’s people that would probably, like – kill it.” The conversation concluded with Rogan and Iapalucci recognizing that the concept of cuteness primarily resonates with humans.

In the end, Rogan ended up labeling this human affinity for cuteness as a ‘trick.’ Yes – you heard that right! The 55-year-old declared, “…It’s a trick – an interesting one. Because – really, I think it only works on us.” What’s more – both comics found this idea of ‘cuteness as a uniquely human response’ to be both fascinating and thought-provoking.

Joe Rogan’s struggles with his “pure carnivore diet”

There have been multiple instances when UFC’s iconic commentator has spoken out publicly about his diet. While advocating for non-vegetarian diets and highlighting their nutritional benefits, Rogan has often touched upon his own experiences with the carnivore diet. Over the years, Joe himself admitted to facing serious side effects of a pure-carnivore diet.

A couple of months back, in a conversation with neurologist Andrew Huberman, Rogan had revealed how his diet sometimes became a “struggle.” He told Huberman, “The problem that I had with pure carnivore was that I workout very hard.”


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Although he praised its advantages, such as participating in World Carnivore Month, Rogan also mentioned some challenges he faced. The intensity of his workouts while on the pure carnivore diet left him struggling and lacking energy. In a previous interview, he had also spoken about how this diet caused him to suffer from severe diarrhea.

To address this, he added fruits to his diet, which alleviated the issue – “When I added fruit though, I didn’t have the same problem you had… 90% of my diet is just meat and fruit…” Currently, Rogan follows a diet consisting mainly of meat and fruit.


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