‘El Cucuy’ Meaning: Tony Ferguson Explains the Real Story Behind His Nickname

Published 04/30/2021, 11:55 AM EDT

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Tony Ferguson is all set to face Paddy Pimblett in one of the biggest PPVs of the year. Ferguson is returning to action after 6 back-to-back losses. Now, the UFC veteran will be looking forward to getting back to winning ways. As ‘Él Cucuy’ prepares to take on Pimblett, we take a look at how he got the famed nickname.

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Tony Ferguson’s nickname – ‘El Cucuy’

Recently during an interview, Ferguson was talking about the origins of his name, “It’s a scary figure man, It is what it is, my first trainer he tells me you look like the boogeyman like El Cucuy and funny coz it’s because it brings back the heritage, people try too hard for them to realize I am Mexican, my last name is Ferguson.

A nickname is much more than just a randomly given word to describe a fighter. A fighter’s nickname is something that reflects their personality, their heritage, or their style of fighting. And Ferguson’s nickname honors his heritage while also describing him completely.

“My coach he says alright man you look like El Cucuy, you look like the boogeyman, you got the crazy ears.” Ferguson continued, “you got some long a** arms, you got big old hands.”

What is next for Tony Ferguson?

As much as fans love Tony Ferguson, all of them believe that ‘El Cucuy’ is way past his prime. The former UFC interim champion has not registered a victory in the octagon since 2019. In this situation, many are doubting whether this fight is Ferguson’s last!

Recently, even UFC CEO Dana White addressed Ferguson’s retirement. Do you think Ferguson can come back with a win? Or do you think he will retire after this fight? Let us know in the comments below.




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