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UFC CEO Dana White has faced challenges in securing the headliner for UFC 300, but the process seems to be coming to a close. The historic card boasts a lineup filled with exciting matchups, including a highly anticipated BMF title clash between fan favorites, Justin Gaethje and Max Holloway.

The promotion is reportedly considering multiple options for the main event, but the delay in announcements caused fans to state their displeasure online. But in a more promising update, the UFC boss has revealed that fans will receive the news after the conclusion of UFC 298!

Fans left speculating UFC 300 main event as Dana White drops a new update 


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According to an update shared online by Kevin Iole, the UFC boss had stated, “I’ll probably announce it…maybe I’ll announce it at the press conference (after UFC 298) this weekend…”. The massive update comes after the UFC did not announce news about UFC 300 at the Super Bowl event, causing fans to state their displeasure with the promotion online.


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However, with White’s latest claims, the fans have reacted with a mix of surprise, anticipation, and speculation surrounding what the main event could be! Here’s how the community reacted:

Fans pointed out the long wait for the update, highlighting their hope for Conor McGregor’s return:

we been waiting for this long, it better be Conor 

Others stated what they feel the marquee matchup is going to be:

It’s izzy vs dricus

Some requested White to announce McGregor vs Michael Chandler for the event:

zaddy dana pls be mcgregor vs chandler

Fans also stated they would “boycott” the event if a particular fight wasn’t added to the event:

if it’s not Belal Muhammad vs Leon Edwards then we are boycotting

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A sarcastic “dream” matchup between McGregor and Sean O’Malley was also highlighted by the fans:

conor mcgregor vs sean omalley would be the dream

Meanwhile, some others claimed the community should not be expecting McGregor’s return at the event:

Don’t get ur hopes up for Connor it’s definitely not

Fans also highlighted past UFC announcements for UFC 200 in reference to the current situation:

Yall remember when they dropped the ufc 200 promo during a ppv event and surprised us all with Brock lesnar. Maybe they do the same with Conor??

Despite uncertainties, fans reminisced about past surprises, hinting at the possibility of unexpected announcements during events. Overall, the excitement and eagerness among fans reflect the anticipation surrounding this highly anticipated event!

But while many fans are hoping for McGregor’s return at UFC 300, the Irish star recently made an interesting statement that doesn’t align with Dana White’s prediction for his comeback.

Conor McGregor announces his return will be sooner than White had claimed

Speculation has been swirling around UFC 300, with fans eager for news of Conor McGregor’s possible return at the event. However, Dana White recently revealed that the Irish star’s comeback will likely happen in the fall of this year.

But McGregor has made it clear that he is planning on returning sooner than when the UFC CEO has claimed. In a now-deleted post on X, McGregor stated, “Super Bowl Sunday is one of the biggest sporting days for my friends in the States, second only to the Mac’s return to the octagon this summer!”


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Despite McGregor’s apparent readiness, White hasn’t clarified the reasons behind the delay in matchmaking, leaving fans curious about his return to action, with McGregor’s statement adding another layer to the ongoing speculation!


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What fight do you want to see as the main event for UFC 300? And will Conor McGregor return sooner than Dana White has claimed? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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