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UFC Analyst Wants ‘No Contest’ For Fighters Who Miss Weight

UFC Analyst Wants ‘No Contest’ For Fighters Who Miss Weight

UFC commentator and presenter Jon Anik came up with an intriguing thought to MMA’s prolonged weight cutting issues after Mike Perry’s dreadful scale failure. The fighter who is scheduled to face Tim Means in a welterweight bout at UFC 255 missed weight by a huge 4.5 pounds.

Fans expected this as he tweeted the same a few hours ahead of the weigh-ins


He dropped almost 15.5 pounds but was unable to step onto the scales at the welterweight non-championship limit of 171 pounds.

UFC has seen serious weight cutting issues over the past. Kidney failure, heat exhaustion, and strokes are some common symptoms of serious weight cuts. The fighters are more than happy to part with a portion of their fight fees but many believe something more is required.

Jon Anik’s suggestion

Jon Anik took to Twitter after Perry’s scale fail and came up with an interesting point. He wrote, “Best solution I’ve heard for penalizing fighters who have missed weight: You are fighting for a no-contest; can’t get a win if you aren’t able to compete at the contracted weight. That’d be quite the deterrent, I’d think.”

This solution gathered several responses from MMA fans and fighters around the globe. Some went in Anik’s favor whereas some couldn’t resonate much with his notion. The #13 ranked welterweight Belal Muhammad praised the idea. He took to Twitter and wrote, “Oooo not bad.”

As some liked his thought, people like former UFC PR executive Ant Evans did not attune to Anik’s idea. He wrote,

Really hate it, mate.  

Interim champions – ie champions who aren’t champions – is embarrassing enough to explain to new fans. Guy who knocked out the other guy but doesn’t hold an actual ‘win’ over him would absurdly embarrassing.” 

Evans believes, even if a fighter misses weight, their victory cannot be taken away. This is because it might lead to embarrassment for the fighter who has worked thousands of hours to gain that win.

Anik’s recommendation is bound to be hailed and criticized by the combat sports community. But, it couldn’t take off a fans’ attention towards the sports’ serious weight cutting issues and it’s disheartening repercussions. What do you make of Anik’s idea? Should this structure get into play soon? Let us know in the comments below.

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